How to Write an Article Review

article review

The article is about how to Write an Article Review.An article review is not your personal opinion about the author’s point of view. The main goal is to find out whether the article is valuable and valid.

To write a high-quality article review, you need to avoid a subjective opinion. A review should be built by certain criteria. Read the article and try to evaluate it. Does the content correspond to the title? Is information logically presented?

Is the topic fully disclosed? Consider the language of the article and its stylistic characteristics. The article should represent a semantic unity.
Read the text. The first stage of writing a review is to read the article. You will need to apply all critical thinking skills to overcome this task. Critical reading is not about having a bad attitude toward the author’s thoughts or criticizing his or her ideas.

Too often, the student can’t see the text as a whole and frequently skips reading acknowledgments and reference lists of the article. By doing this they miss all sorts of information that can be useful for their review.
Take notes. It is extremely important to make notes as you read and make a short break after you finish reading. Writing down everything you think and feel when you read is an efficient method of mentioning every detail about the text.

To make your note even more effective, you can practice on a double-entry notebook. You need to separate a page into two columns: in one column you will write your observations and note responses in another column.
Write an outline. Creating an outline for a review is about organizing your notes and structuring it in accordance with the central idea. You may have a temptation to follow the original order of notes, but this won’t work. A good article review is about expressing your ideas coherently and logically.

But you should remember that every guideline you read can tell you different information, as there is no ideal formula that will tell you how to write a great review. And you will find, as you read more and more critical review of an article examples, that most of them don’t follow the structure described below.
Article Review Assignment guidelines
The article:
• Influencers on YouTube: a quantitative study on young people’s use and perception of videos about political and societal topics
The format of journal article assignment is as follows:
• Paragraph 1: Introduction. Background about the main topic of the article you will review with literature review from one external citation. Introduce your article title, author names and publication year as shown in the sample. You will also include your thesis statement that includes what significance and limitations that you will discuss in your review. (100-120 words)
• Paragraph 2: Summary. Briefly summarize the main points in the methodology (participants-data collection/analysis tools-what was it used to investigate ? and results. (75-100 words)
• (paragraphs3 : analyzing and evaluating the methodology ) (100-120 ); . Check whether the author has succeeded in presenting ideas and whether they are relevant or not. Think about your agreement with the accuracy and validity of certain statements and data. What are the reasons /why do you agree or disagree with the author? Refer to the author’s text in APA format style to support your review (see sample).

Remember that you will only assess methodology here. You have to include at least 1 significance and 1 limitations for this section (methodology ) + reason why it is a lmitation
• (paragraphs4 : analyzing and evaluating the Results ) (100-120 ): Think about your agreement with the accuracy and validity of certain results. What are the reasons /why do you agree or disagree with the author?

Refer to the author’s text in APA format style to support your review (see sample).. You have to include at least 2 limitations for this section(results) and valid reasons
• Paragraph 5: Recommendations. Present the overall assessment of the article. Tell whether the author offers new ideas and interpretations, or just restates standard information. Conclude your paper with adding recommendation to your review.
This assignment relies on being concise.

Every single sentence should provide accurate information. Your entire submission should NOT exceed 540 words. You can see the provided sample to guide you in addition to these above instructions.
Your submission should follow APA style in page layout, citation, and references.

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