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How to Write an Article Review

An article review is not your personal opinion about the author’s point of view. The main goal is to find out whether the article is valuable and valid. To write a high-quality article review, you need to avoid a subjective opinion. A review should be built by certain criteria. Read the article and try to evaluate it. Does the content correspond to the title? Is information logically presented?

What is an Article Review

An article review is a critical evaluation of a scholarly article. It involves summarizing the main points, analyzing the content, and assessing its strengths and weaknesses. The review aims to provide an objective assessment of the article’s quality, relevance, and contribution to the field. It helps readers understand the article’s key ideas and its impact on research.

How to Write an Article Review?

Writing an article review is a comprehensive process that requires a thorough understanding of the article and the ability to critically evaluate its content. To ensure a comprehensive and effective review, follow these detailed steps:

  1. Understand the Assignment: Begin by carefully reviewing the assignment guidelines provided by your instructor or publication. Pay attention to any specific requirements regarding the length, formatting, or content expectations for the review. Understanding the assignment parameters will help you structure your review appropriately.
  2. Read the Article: Read the selected article carefully and attentively. Take detailed notes while reading to capture important points, key arguments, evidence, and supporting examples. It is crucial to engage with the material critically, questioning the author’s perspectives and evaluating the validity of their claims.
  3. Summarize the Article: In your review, provide a concise and accurate summary of the article’s main points. Identify the central arguments, hypotheses, or research questions that the author presents. Include a brief overview of the methodology used and the key findings or conclusions. However, avoid simply restating the article; instead, focus on capturing the essence of the research and the author’s main ideas.
  4. Evaluate the Article: Engage in a thorough evaluation of the article’s strengths and weaknesses. Consider the author’s use of evidence, the soundness of the methodology employed, and the validity of the arguments presented. Assess the article’s contribution to the field of study, its novelty, and its relevance to existing literature. Identify any limitations or gaps in the research and critically analyze how they may impact the overall credibility and impact of the article.
  5. Critique the Article: Offer your own critical perspective on the article. Analyze the author’s interpretations, assumptions, and potential biases. Discuss any potential conflicts of interest or limitations in the research design. Provide constructive criticism and suggestions for improvement, if applicable. It is essential to support your critique with evidence and examples from the article to strengthen your arguments.
  6. Provide Supportive Evidence: Back up your evaluation and critique with evidence from the article itself. Use direct quotes or paraphrase specific examples to illustrate your points. Make sure to properly cite and reference any information taken from the article to avoid plagiarism.
  7. Conclusion: Summarize your overall assessment of the article. Restate the main strengths and weaknesses identified during your evaluation and critique. Reflect on the significance of the research and its potential implications for the field. Offer a final evaluation of the article’s contribution to the existing body of knowledge, highlighting its strengths and suggesting areas for further exploration or improvement.
  8. Proofread and Revise: After completing your initial draft, carefully review your article review for grammar, spelling, and clarity. Ensure that your arguments are well-structured and supported by evidence. Make any necessary revisions to improve the overall quality and coherence of your review.

By following these comprehensive steps, you can write an article review that demonstrates a deep understanding of the subject matter, critical thinking skills, and the ability to provide a balanced evaluation of the article’s strengths and weaknesses.

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Article review essay example

An article review essay is a critical analysis and evaluation of a scholarly article. It involves summarizing the main points of the article, assessing its strengths and weaknesses, and providing an informed opinion on its relevance and contribution to the field.

This type of essay allows readers to gain insights into the content, methodology, and findings of the article, while also offering the reviewer’s perspective and interpretation. Article review essays serve as valuable tools for researchers, students, and professionals to stay updated on current research and engage in scholarly discourse. In this brief article review example, we will explore the structure and components of an article review essay

Essay example Example 1: The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Enhancing Customer Experience

Essay example Example 2:Impact of Social Media on Youth Mental Health

Essay example Example 3: The Impact of Exercise on Mental Health A Systematic Review



article review

Article review format

If you are a student or academic researcher, you are likely familiar with the importance of reading and analyzing scholarly articles. One of the most common assignments in academia is the article review, which requires you to critically evaluate and summarize a scholarly article in your field. However, before you start writing your article review, it’s essential to understand the proper format to follow.

At Elite Academic Brokers, we understand that the article review format can be challenging to navigate. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you understand the essential elements of an article review and the proper format to follow. This are parts of an article review

  1. Introduction: The introduction should provide an overview of the article’s main argument or thesis, its purpose, and its relevance to the field.
  2. Summary: The summary should provide a brief overview of the article’s main points, including its research question, methodology, and key findings.
  3. Analysis: The analysis should critically evaluate the article’s strengths and weaknesses, including its methodology, evidence, and conclusions. This is the most crucial part of the article review, as it demonstrates your ability to think critically and evaluate scholarly research.
  4. Conclusion: The conclusion should summarize your analysis and provide your overall evaluation of the article. You should also discuss the article’s contribution to the field and its implications for future research.

When writing an article review, it’s important to follow the proper formatting guidelines, including double-spacing, proper citation format, and a clear and concise writing style.

At Elite Academic Brokers, we have a team of experienced writers who can help you write a high-quality article review that meets the highest standards of academic writing. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you succeed in your academic endeavors.

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Article review writing service

At Elite Academic Brokers, we offer a top-notch article review writing service that caters to the needs of students and researchers. Our team of experienced writers specializes in crafting insightful and well-written article reviews across various subjects. We take pride in our reputation for delivering high-quality work that meets the specific requirements of our clients. With expertise in diverse fields, our writers ensure that each article review is thoroughly researched, critically analyzed, and customized to the client’s specifications.

We prioritize originality and guarantee plagiarism-free content, ensuring that every review is uniquely crafted. Our commitment to timeliness ensures that we deliver your article review within your desired timeframe, enabling you to meet your submission deadlines. We understand the importance of confidentiality and guarantee the privacy and security of your personal information.

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Criteria for Evaluation of an Article for a Review

When evaluating an article for a review, you can consider the following criteria to assess its quality, relevance, and contribution to the field:

  1. Research Question/Objective:
  • Is the research question clearly stated?
  • Does the objective of the study align with the research question?
  • Is the significance of the research question adequately addressed?
  1. Methodology:
  • Is the study design appropriate for addressing the research question?
  • Are the methods and procedures clearly described and replicable?
  • Are the data collection and analysis methods appropriate and reliable?
  • Are potential biases or limitations addressed?
  1. Literature Review:
  • Does the article provide a comprehensive review of relevant literature?
  • Are the cited sources recent, credible, and authoritative?
  • Does the article identify gaps or limitations in previous research?
  1. Results and Findings:
  • Are the results presented clearly and accurately?
  • Do the findings directly address the research question/objective?
  • Are the results supported by appropriate statistical analyses?
  • Are any limitations or uncertainties in the findings acknowledged?
  1. Discussion and Interpretation:
  • Are the results discussed in the context of existing literature?
  • Are alternative explanations or interpretations considered?
  • Are the implications and significance of the findings discussed?
  • Are recommendations or suggestions for further research provided?
  1. Writing Style and Clarity:
  • Is the article well-organized and logically structured?
  • Is the language clear, concise, and appropriate for the target audience?
  • Are the concepts and ideas presented in a coherent manner?
  • Are tables, figures, and visuals effectively used to enhance understanding?
  1. Contribution to the Field:
  • Does the article provide new insights or contribute to existing knowledge?
  • Does it offer novel perspectives, theories, or methodologies?
  • Does the research have practical implications or applications?
  • Does the article spark further discussion or research in the field?
  1. Overall Impression:
  • Is the article engaging and interesting to read?
  • Does it capture and maintain the reader’s attention?
  • Does it align with the aims and scope of the journal or publication?

Remember to consider these criteria in a balanced and objective manner when evaluating the article. It is also important to provide specific examples and evidence to support your assessment in your review.

Article review questions for students

The article:Influencers on YouTube: a quantitative study on young people’s use and perception of videos about political and societal topics

The format of journal article assignment is as follows:

• Paragraph 1: Introduction.

Background about the main topic of the article you will review with literature review from one external citation. Introduce your article title, author names and publication year as shown in the sample. You will also include your thesis statement that includes what significance and limitations that you will discuss in your review. (100-120 words)

• Paragraph 2: Summary. Briefly summarize the main points in the methodology

(participants-data collection/analysis tools-what was it used to investigate ? and results. (75-100 words)

• Paragraphs 3 : analyzing and evaluating the methodology

(100-120 ); . Check whether the author has succeeded in presenting ideas and whether they are relevant or not. Think about your agreement with the accuracy and validity of certain statements and data. What are the reasons /why do you agree or disagree with the author? Refer to the author’s text in APA format style to support your review (see sample).

Remember that you will only assess methodology here. You have to include at least 1 significance and 1 limitations for this section (methodology ) + reason why it is a lmitation

• Paragraph 4 : analyzing and evaluating the Results ) (100-120 )

Think about your agreement with the accuracy and validity of certain results. What are the reasons /why do you agree or disagree with the author?

Refer to the author’s text in APA format style to support your review (see sample).. You have to include at least 2 limitations for this section(results) and valid reasons

• Paragraph 5: Recommendations.

Present the overall assessment of the article. Tell whether the author offers new ideas and interpretations, or just restates standard information. Conclude your paper with adding recommendation to your review.
This assignment relies on being concise.

Every single sentence should provide accurate information. Your entire submission should NOT exceed 540 words. You can see the provided sample to guide you in addition to these above instructions.
Your submission should follow APA style in page layout, citation, and references.

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