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Biology is a branch of natural science and living organisms and creatures are studied in this particular field. It is a fascinating area of study and is widely studied in most colleges and universities across the globe. This field of study is viewed as among the toughest area to study as it has difficult terminologies and concepts. Understanding biology is key to getting excellent grades. Biology is vast and has many topics that students need to learn and grasp through a lot of hard work, commitment, and paying a lot of attention. Theory and lab reports are important aspects in the biology and extensive research is required to aid in getting information and data. Biology assignments are part of this academic course and students are assigned these tasks by professors to test their understanding of this field. These assignments are in form of a research paper, essays, reports, thesis, dissertations, lab reports, experiments, and others. Most students find it hard to finish up all biology assignments by the given deadline. This is because the workload from all the topics in biology hence may lead to poor grades jeopardizing the students’ career in biology. Other reasons that students are unable to finish biology assignments include lack of time contributed by the busy schedule of the student, failure to grasp and comprehend the concepts, various emergencies that may hinder the student to do the assignments, and many other reasons. Seeking biology assignment help is a good option that will help a student score very well in this field

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biology assignment

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 A Brief Overview Of Biology

Biology is a science that studies life and living organisms to understand how they work and interact and function on different levels. It is one of the 3 pillars of science other include chemistry and physic. Origin, structure, growth, function, evolution, and distribution of living things is examined and studied in biology. Biology is based on different principles and fundamentals which include the following:

  • It is the process by which living organisms can maintain a state of balance or sustain their condition hence can survive their environment.
  • The cell. Cell theory establishes that all living organisms are made of cells which are the fundamental units.
  • This is the study of how some traits and features in living organisms are passed from generation to generation through DNA and molecules.
  • This is where all living organisms can use external substances for energy to survive.
  • These are the random mutations in living organisms hence enabling them to change and have traits through the process of natural selection that help them survive better in their environment.

Biology also overlaps with other sciences and disciplines hence often research in conjunction with fields like physics, engineering, mathematics, and others. This is shown in specific in the following:

  • It incorporates physics fundamentals to understand how biological systems work.
  • This is applying the principles of engineering to the field of engineering.
  • It employs the fundamentals of biology to astronomy.
  • This is the use of biological systems in product development.
  • This is where archaeological concepts and techniques are applied or incorporated in biology.
  • This is where biology principles are applied in engineering and also the fundamentals of engineering applied in biology.

Branches Of Biology

Biology has different fields or branches which students have to learn. Studying and having in-depth knowledge in these branches helps in understanding the whole concept of biology. There are three main branches which include:

  • Studies the different aspects of animals
  • Studies the different aspects of plants.
  • Studies the different aspects of microorganisms.

Other main branches include:

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