Cell biology illustrated report

I need to write a 4000 word cell biology illustrated report using Harvard method. Below are questions

Unit Introduction

1.1: Discuss selected characteristics of living cells
1.2: Compare and contrast prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells and also the impact viruses have on them
1.3: Discuss eukaryotic sub-cellular structure and organelles
2.1: Explain the role of the cell membrane in regulating nutrients and waste products in illustrated cell biology
2.2: Explain how animal cells use nutrients to provide energy for growth, movement and cell division in particular
2.3: Discuss the synthesis of proteins

2.4: Explain the role of nucleic acids in the nucleus and cytoplasm
3.1: Explain the generation of specialised tissues from embryonic stem cells
3.2: Explain the importance of interphase and factors that initiate cell division
3.3: Explain how the same genetic information is received by each daughter cell
3.4: Compare and contrast cancer cells with normal cells

cell biology illustrated

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