How to Write an Abstract for a Research Paper

Writing an abstract is one of the most vital parts of your research papers. It not only guides the readers about the purpose of the research but helps them to decide whether it is viable to read your research paper or not. The abstract is a shorter version of your research paper which generally constitutes 200-300 words.

Mention the key arguments and methodologies in abstracts to facilitate the readers. It helps to make out the relevance of your research for them. If you see it from the reader’s perspective, you can understand the importance of abstract for readers to identify relevant research works among overwhelming options.
What are the most vital components of an abstract?
Most of the time, professors will provide you with the format for writing the abstract. They also give guidelines on how to cite an abstract APA. If you are about to write an abstract, then you need to consider the below components to bring effectiveness to it:-

  • Provide the background information by considering its relevance to the topic in question.
  • Include the question or the problem that you want to address in your research.
  • Mention the available information and finding concerning the research topic.
  • Mention the methods used for research and analysis of the subject area.
  • Highlight the main arguments, findings, and facts of your research.
  • The relevance of your research findings for the subject area.

abstract writing

The best time to write abstract
Whether you are writing a research paper, thesis, dissertation, or academic article, you need to provide abstracts for them.

The abstract is the last thing that you write in your research paper. Many students often prefer to write the abstract before starting the main body, but this can result in problems in the later stages. It is not wise to write an abstract for something which does not exist yet. It can also result in missing vital components of an abstract, taking the interpretation to the other level.
Some tips for creating meaningful abstracts for academic writings

  • Choose whether you want to write a descriptive abstract or an informative abstract. The key difference among both these styles is the length and information you need to include.
  • Check out the guidelines provided by your professors before writing the abstract. If there are no guidelines, it is better to check and take ideas from similar researches already published.
  • Keep in mind the target audience or readers for your research paper while drafting the abstract for it.
  • Do not include any irrelevant or out-of-context information while writing an abstract.
  • Make sure to include the relevant keywords so that it is easy for the readers to search your research from overwhelming databases.
  • Do not forget to use abstracts in a sentence describing the purpose, methodologies, and significance of the research.
  • Include a brief explanation about the problem on which your research focus.
  • Do the intense revision about the grammar, structure, and spelling errors.

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