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  • Micheal Daniel Micheal Daniel
  • 4 min read

Which capstone ideas and points to check while writing a journal from your dissertation/thesis?

Writing a journal article using your dissertation or thesis can turn daunting if you don’t know where to start. Today we will explore the ideas helping you to convert your thesis into a great journal. Mind that writing a thesis and journal is entirely different subject areas.

You cannot follow the same approach while writing a journal you follow while writing your dissertation. Just like thesis and research papers, journals also have some significant differences from a thesis. It makes it very necessary for you to get ideas about vital things such as a descriptive outline example and word limit of the writing.

As journals and dissertations are entirely different from each other, so without knowing the points that differentiate them things can become tricky for you. Before we jump on to the ideas and tips to write journals from your thesis, we will draw out some differences between both these kinds of writings. It will help you to write journals without the need for any journal or dissertation writing help.

  • The thesis contains various chapters whereas the journal contains different sections.
  • The length of the journal is less in comparison to the thesis/dissertation.
  • Unlike dissertations and thesis, journal articles follow a manuscript format.
  • Journal requires only concise introduction but, thesis requires detailed one.
  • Unlike thesis, journals do not require a detailed discussion of results and findings.


Points to check before and while writing journal from dissertation

We know that writing journals from your dissertation can turn into a daunting job. Thankfully we have some tips that can help you to write impeccable journal articles using your thesis. Always consider the below points to write journals without a need for any article writing help:-

  • Focus on Aim and Scope of the journal

The first and foremost thing to write a paper is to make sure the aim and scope of the journal. It is crucial to focus on it as it is vital to revolve around the subject area of your article while writing a journal. You should also make sure to double-check the structure and reference styles that you need to follow.

  • Shortening your thesis

Always keep in mind that your thesis is a separate work, and you cannot consider it similar to a journal. You have full liberty to paraphrase the content of the thesis but make sure that it does not destroy the meaning and sense of your writing. You should select a few relevant parts of your thesis to repurpose them to become part of your journal.

  • Create an abstract by reformatting the introduction

 The next point that you need to consider is to reformat the introduction of the thesis as an abstract of your journal. Though you need to keep it short, make sure that you do not miss the key topics vital for the reader’s attention. Use the introduction and discussion part of your dissertation as a base for an abstract.

  • Combining the multiple research questions into one

It is common for a dissertation to have more than one research question. Try to combine the research questions of the dissertation into a single simple topic. You also have the option to work on any one of your research questions while writing journals.

  • Focus only on key findings of the dissertation

As you have to make your writing more impactful with less word limit, it is essential to focus only on the key findings of your dissertation. If you include the secondary findings, it will increase the hard work to complete within word limits. It can also complicate your writing for an average reader.

  • Keep the discussion section clear and concise

Frame the discussion part carefully and make sure that it does not repeat the results of your research. Based on your findings, you can discuss the scope of your findings. You can also mention what kind of studies can populate in the future to explore the research question.

  • Do not mention the excessive number of references

Unlike a dissertation, while writing a journal you need to restrict the number of references. Try to focus on the most relevant and recent citations and format them correctly before submitting them. Make a fair evaluation of the citations that you can include or exclude while writing the journal.

We hope that you will write great journals from your dissertations using these tips and guidelines. However, if you face problems and need expert help for writing then, you have an option to use. You can also take the help of books like We Are America: A Thematic Reader and Guide to Writing and other resources for thesis vs research papers.

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