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You need to complete different kinds of writing assignments during your academic life. Varied assignments such as essays, dissertations, research writings and other scholarly writings have different formats, word counts and lengths.You will need words to pages converter. So that you will know the words equivalent to a page.

Developers all over the world are working to create tools that can simplify the life of students by assisting them to complete and evaluate their writings with the desired standards.


Following the guideline of your tutors while writing such assignments is very crucial and decides how well you are going to score for them. If you are also about to start your work on writing assignments, then you might be struggling with one of the below questions:-

words to pages converter

  • How many words are 1000 characters?
  • How to write a 10-page paper?
  • How to write 1000 words?
  • How many pages is it in this paper?
  • What is the average dissertation length?
  • How much are 400 words in pages?
  • How long is an 800-word essay?
  • How long is a 5000-word essay?
  • How many bits in a word?
  • A 400-word essay is how many pages?
  • How long 250 words are double spaced?
  • How many pages is a 10000-word essay?
  • How long does it take to type 5 pages?
  • How many pages are 500 words handwritten?

We can understand that unless you are a pro writer, these questions can daunt you easily. Well, thankfully, you have an option to use the online word to pages converters.

They help to get assistance for formatting your papers in a manner that is most suitable for your writing assignments. Whether you are about to write a 5000-word essay or a 12-page research paper, taking the help of any trustworthy words to page converter will ease your mind and save a significant amount of effort that you have to make otherwise.

How many pages are the words you want to convert?

 During your academic sessions, you need to write assignments that can vary in words limits. It is common for students to get academic essays and writings with word limits ranging from 500 to 3000.

The common questions that can strike your mind while choosing the words to pages converter are how many pages are the words you want to convert. Let’s try to understand how many pages that different word counts can take to break down.

Before we jump into it, there is one more point to consider. Before we tell you about the number of pages that your assignment can take, it is vital to know the factors that decide the page count:-

 Font – Size and type of font you are using are the most crucial factors determining the pages for your assignment. It is the primary reason the professors prefer to set word limits rather than choosing the page numbers.

Manipulating the page numbers by using different font sizes and types is easy. Standard fonts such as Calibri, Arial, Times new roman’s are best to write academic assignments.

Just try to change the font sizes on your documents, and you can realize the importance of font size and type to decide the number of pages easily.

Margins – We know that most of you know the importance of margins while making the assignments.

Margins are also one of the vital factors to decide the number of pages. Though the standard margins that most academic writing follows are one inch, if you try to increase it will increase the number of pages.

The below table provides you the number of pages with single spacing and double spacing. To demonstrate number, we assume the font size to be standard 12 pt and margins to be one inch for a uniform finish.

Number of Words Single Spacing Double Spacing
How many pages for 500 words? 1 2
How many pages for 1000 words? 2 4
How many pages for 1500 words? 3 6
How many pages for 2000 words? 4 8
How many pages for 2500 words? 5 10
How many pages for 3000 words? 6 12

How to use words for page converters?

Using the online words to page converters is so easy that it will be a surprise for us if you fail to understand it. You can use any words to page converters without needing expert supervision.

For students who still fail to understand how it works, there is an option to contact the support teams for better clarification. At Elite Academic Brokers, we make the best use of the popular word to page converter tools to bring utmost professionalism and clarity to your assignments.

Whether you are choosing essay writing help or looking for help to write research papers, we know the importance of page structure and word limits so that you never settle for fewer marks for the assignments you get from our writers.

We do not rely upon a single tool and test each assignment using multiple tools to determine correct page numbers, duplicate content and grammatical errors in the projects we deliver.

Converting Words to pages with Elite Academic Brokers

By using our words to page converter, you can say goodbye to the stress of managing your academic assignments. We know that there are general perceptions like 250 words is a standard unit for double spaced pages and double that for single but, this number can vary.

Our word to page converter has features that consider the factors such as font type, size and many more to calculate the word count. If after dividing the number of words, you get a fraction over 0.5, we treat it as a page and below 0.5 will be null.

Another advantage that our word to page converter has over its counterparts is that it does not charge for references, table of content and cover page. The only thing you need to pay for while using our services is the content done by us.


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