The Software Design Architectures

The software architecture of a software system depicts the system’s structure or organization and explains its behavior. The software architecture provides a study for a foundation on which the software is built.

software design

The Types of Software Architecture Designs styles

  1. The Data centered Architecture Design

This architecture design involves storing  of data store at the center of the software design architecture where it  can be accessed frequently by various components that add, modify, update, and delete the store’s stored data.

In the data-centered style, client software has the capability of accessing the central repository. This style’s variation is mainly used in transforming of the central repository into a blackboard when the data of interest to the client changes the client software notifications.

This style promotes integrability since the existing components can be changed. The new components of the clients can be added to the software architecture without the client’s concerns or other clients’ permission. The Data is transmitted through different clients by the use of the blackboard approach.

    2.  The Data flow Design Architectures

This architecture is used in the case where the data input can be changed or transformed into the output data by using a series of computational manipulative software clients.

This architecture uses both the filter and the pipe, and it has components set referred to as the filters and is connected by pipes. The pipes are applied in sending the data from a single  component to another.

When the data flow degenerates into a single transform line, it is referred to as a batch sequential. This architecture style allows the data batch and then applies the series of sequential parts or components to transform it. Strengths of The Data centered Architecture Design.

  1. It provides data backup, restores, and integrity features.
  2. It provides the reusability and scalability of the agents that do not directly communicate with the other agents.

It facilitates the transient data overhead between the software components.

  3. Strengths of Data flow Architectures

 It provides the scalability in which it is easy to update or add the source of the knowledge.

  • It provides support for the reusability of the agents for the knowledge sources.
  • It supports hypotheses experimentation.
  1. The Weakness of the Data centered Architecture Design.
  • There is a high dependency between the data structure of the agents and the data store.
  • The activity of data evolution is expensive or complicated.
  • The changes or updates in the data structure highly impacts the clients.
  • There is a high cost incurred during the transmission of data on a network for the distributed data.
  • It is usually failure vulnerable, and there is a possible occurrence of the data duplication or replication.
  1. d) The Weakness of the Data flow Architectures
  • There is the synchronization problem of different agents
  • There are significant challenges in testing and designing of the software system.
  • It is difficult to determine when it is necessary to terminate the reasoning when only the approximate solution is expected.
  • It is not suitable for dynamic interactions
  • It is not easy to configure this architecture dynamically.

The Data centered Architecture Design is suitable for the design of the application. The central problems include maintaining and creating a complex central data body.

This is because the data store is not active, and the components of software or clients of the data store are not passive and manages the logic flow for changes.

The dataflow architecture is appropriate for the software architectures, including the database engine designs and the parallel computing approaches.


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