Management Science

FACTS: Management science- The term is used to refer to the socio-economic-political global situation of the last decades, there was a significant increase in use not only in the general press, but also in academic publications.

PROBLEM: The term was never defined, authors using it seem to attach different meanings to it, focusing on different, sometimes contradicting connotations.

RESEARCH PROJECT: Literature Review of scientific publications in management sciences using the term.

SCOPING: Only peer-reviewed journals ranked with A+ or A, only journals pertaining to four sub-disciplines (General Business Administration, Strategic Management, International Management, Organizational Human Resources)

DATA SET (after refinement): 16 journals > 38 papers > 115 hits (paragraphs containing “new normal”)


management sciences

  • The essay in .docx form (Word) containing the “long” narrative explanation of initial situation, research gap, research aim, methodology.
  • The complete heuristics procedure and refinement of data set in .xlsx document (Excel) so you can see “where I come from”
  • The first draft of my results in .xlsx document (Excel) with my first coding

WHAT I DID UNTIL NOW: I inserted in an Excel document every paragraph containing the term (some paragraphs contain the term more than once) and noted the paper it’s coming from and the keywords related to the paper for context.

I then proceeded with isolating information around the New Normal and tried to find a connections between pieces of information.

MY PROBLEM: I really need to hand in this assignment ASAP, but I got sick and that “activated” an autoimmune disease, so I am not able to focus or work at my laptop for more than an hour.

I did already 90% of the mental work behind the research (coming up with an adequate heuristics and methodology mix, restricting the scope aiming at quality, started the coding process) but I am having difficulties because the Grounded Theory Method is thought for coding “natural” language as in survey interviews.

Coding academical papers means coding language that is already at the highest level of sophistication and “compression” (not redundant but conveying the most meaning in the shortest space possible),which means it’s hard to go through the three-stages of open, axial, and selective coding, as the ideas are already summed up and organized in logical manner, with the authors already using connectors and presenting information in a causal manner (X is cause of Y, Z is consequence of K, …).

HOW YOU CAN HELP: I need you to have a look at my Excel database and at the background information I will provide you with (i.e., the text of my research, about 16 pages) and basically do three things:

1. Help me code the rest of the paragraphs 2. Suggests ways to organize the results and, after discussing the best option, 3. Help me out in writing the results. I will take care of Discussion and Conclusion myself.

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