The importance of Literature Review in Research Writing

It is common for most academic writers to consider the Literature review as a mere formality that includes gathering the resources and studies that relate to the subject matter of the research .In this article we will go through the importance of Literature Review in Research Writing.

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It is not unfair to consider it just routine work, but ignoring the significance of literature review is not wise. Make clear that literature reviews do not contribute to the existing research.

A well-written review has its importance which we are going to discuss later on in this article. First of all, let’s get some clarity on the meaning of the term literature review.

What is a Literature review

 The most common belief about literature reviews is that they study various ideas and study material concerning a specific subject matter. A seasoned researcher knows that this belief is far from reality.

Such literature reviews are significant to analyze the connections between various studies that conclude on a subject matter over a while. It helps determine the relevancy of current research while laying a foundation for further research in the same subject matter.

It plays a vital role in identifying new problems, possibilities for more research, and expanding new questions. The need for a literature review is among one the differences between an essay and a research paper.

Literature Review in Research Writing

Never consider it as a mere survey of past research works by scholars. Acknowledge that it involves the mentioning of already published facts and findings from relevant resources. You can go through some of these resources below:-


  • Books by top scholars
  • Latest studies for the subject matter
  • Scientific papers published by individuals or institutions.
  • Established school of thoughts
  • Relevant articles from renowned scientific journals

Significance of literature reviews for research papers

Summarizing the past researches of your subject area is one of the chief characteristics of the literature reviews. Though it is common with social and scientific research, it provides effectiveness and reliability to the researches made in other academic fields too.

It is one of the noticeable characteristics of a descriptive essay, critical synthesis essays, academic papers, and dissertations. Below are some of the vital factors that make writing literature reviews crucial for a successful research paper:-

  • It plays a vital role in demonstrating your understanding and deep investigation of the subject matter while creating the research papers.
  • It helps to bring relevance and correctness to your research paper by evaluating and studying it in the context of the recent developments and findings for the subject matter.
  • It helps you find the impact of the recent developments in the subject matter on your current response to the literature template.
  • Literature reviews help to identify and compare the varied dialects concerning the related fields. It establishes the relevance of facts that you include in your research.
  • You can identify the gaps that you left while researching so that there is scope for further exploration of the subject matter.
  • Provide a piece of concrete evidence and supporting information to evaluate the relevancy of your research work.
  • Create a scope for essayed definitions to analyze and interpret the literary composition.
  • It acts as a source or starting point for new research work in the subject area by identifying the areas for further research.
  • It helps establish the base for the justification of your research work and assists in formulating an effective research question.
  • Literature reviews help you get due credit for the hard work and brainstorming you did while conducting the research.
  • It prevents you from repeating the original ideas of other scholars who already researched the subject matter in question, thus helping to avoid plagiarism in your work.
  • An outstanding literature review will increase the chances of the publication of your research papers with reputed journals and publication houses.

People who know the difference between academic and professional writing can’t ignore the importance of writing literature reviews while creating research papers.

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