which characteristics support a sustainable mis infrastructure?

What is a sustainable MIS infrastructure? Which characteristics support a sustainable MIS infrastructure? If you are looking for the platform that helps you in grabbing all the necessary information then you are scrolling the perfect informative piece.

Hence, without wasting any further moment, let’s delve inside the following segments.

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What Is A Sustainable MIS Infrastructure?

Before proceeding with understanding the characteristics of the sustainable MIS infrastructure, why not let’s grab some information on MIS infrastructure at first.

Therefore, according to the Howto.org, MIS explains the management, disposal, production, and the usage of the technology in such a way that lessens the harm to the environment.

Whereas, the information MIS infrastructure determines where and how important data is secured or maintained.

mis infrastructure




Therefore, let’s check out the characteristics that support the sustainable MIS infrastructure.

Consequently, according to the ICTSD, by utilizing the information MIS infrastructure the operation could be endorsed. Whereas, it also provides three different purposes.

At the same time, the business continuity plan is utilized for the recovery, backup, as well as disaster recovery.

Whereas, the agile MIS infrastructure supports the change in the world. Hence, it is the time to delve inside the next segment to know more about the MIS infrastructure.

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Which Characteristics Support The Sustainable MIS Infrastructure?

After looking at the gist of the MIS infrastructure, it is the time to shed some light on the query – which characteristics support a sustainable MIS infrastructure?

Along with this get to know more about the characteristics that support the information as well as agile MIS Infrastructure.

To know more about the same, let’s delve inside the following table:

Which characteristics support a sustainable/information/agile MIS infrastructure
Accessibility  Disaster Recovery Plan Usability  Grid Computing  Reliability  Visualization  Maintainability 
Backup and Recovery Plan Availability  Business Continuity Plan Portability  Cloud Computing Scalability 

Therefore, the characteristics of the information or agile is as same as that of sustainable MIS infrastructure.

Moreover, grasp the above-mentioned characteristics for better performance.

Summing Up

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