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  • Micheal Daniel Micheal Daniel
  • 9 min read

Top 100+ Opinion Essay Topics

Welcome to “Top 100 opinion essay topics.” Within this collection, you’ll discover a diverse array of subjects, from societal issues to technological advancements, awaiting your insights and perspectives. Opinion essays are your opportunity to engage in thoughtful discourse, sharing your unique viewpoint and persuasive arguments with the world. Whether you’re a student, debater, or someone passionate about meaningful conversations, these topics serve as a springboard for your exploration of ideas, critical thinking, and the art of persuasion. Your voice matters, and these topics are your canvas to make it heard. Let’s dive in and embark on this journey of thoughtful expression and discussion.

Opinion essay topics

What is an opinion essay

An opinion essay is a type of academic or persuasive writing where the author expresses their personal opinion on a specific topic or issue. Unlike informational essays that aim to provide objective facts and information, opinion essays are subjective and revolve around the writer’s viewpoint, beliefs, and arguments. The primary goal of an opinion essay is to persuade the reader to adopt or at least consider the author’s perspective on the subject.

In an opinion essay, the author typically presents their opinion or thesis statement in the introduction, followed by supporting arguments and evidence in the body of the essay. These arguments can be based on personal experiences, research, statistics, examples, or expert opinions. The author also addresses counterarguments and provides a conclusion that restates their opinion and summarizes the key points made in the essay.

Opinion essays are commonly assigned in educational settings to encourage critical thinking, argumentation, and the development of persuasive writing skills. They are also prevalent in journalism and editorial writing, where authors express their opinions on current events and issues to engage and inform the public.

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Various Opinion Essay Topics Divided by Subject

Opinion essays are a powerful medium for expressing viewpoints on critical subjects. In this collection, we’ve organized diverse topics by subject matter to facilitate informed discussions. From societal concerns to technology’s impact and ethical dilemmas, these Opinion Essay Topics offer a platform to explore, debate, and contribute to the broader dialogue. Whether you’re a student, debater, or someone passionate about thoughtful discourse, these topics invite you to delve into complex issues, fostering a deeper understanding of the world around us.

Good Opinion Essay Topics

Opinion essays are a great way to express your thoughts and viewpoints on various subjects. Here is a list of good opinion essay topics covering a wide range of issues:

  1. The impact of social media on society.
  2. Should standardized testing be eliminated from education?
  3. The role of artificial intelligence in our lives.
  4. Is climate change the most pressing global issue?
  5. The pros and cons of online learning.
  6. Should college education be free for all?
  7. The effects of video games on children and teenagers.
  8. Universal healthcare: a necessity or a luxury?
  9. Is censorship ever justified in the media?
  10. The importance of mental health awareness.
  11. Should the voting age be lowered or raised?
  12. The ethics of genetic engineering and designer babies.
  13. The role of government in regulating technology companies.
  14. Is the death penalty an effective deterrent to crime?
  15. The impact of immigration on a country’s economy and culture.
  16. Should animal testing be banned?
  17. The influence of celebrity culture on society.
  18. Is fast fashion sustainable, and should it be discouraged?
  19. The benefits and drawbacks of a cashless society.
  20. The role of feminism in modern society.
  21. Should parents have a say in their child’s career choices?
  22. The legalization of recreational drugs.
  23. Are single-sex schools more effective than co-ed schools?
  24. The impact of globalization on cultural diversity.
  25. Should there be stricter gun control laws?

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Worst Opinion Essay Topics

Here’s a list of topics that are generally considered unsuitable for opinion essays due to their controversial, offensive, or unethical nature:

  1. “Advantages of Child Labor in Developing Countries”
  2. “Why Holocaust Denial Should Be Protected as Free Speech”
  3. “The Benefits of Smoking Tobacco”
  4. “Why Sexual Assault Is Sometimes Justified”
  5. “The Superiority of One Race Over Others”
  6. “Reasons to Legalize Pedophilia”
  7. “Why Climate Change Is a Hoax”
  8. “The Benefits of Discrimination Based on Gender or Race”
  9. “Why Terrorism Is a Legitimate Political Tool”
  10. “Advocating for Genocide as a Solution to Population Issues”
  • Social Issues

The following are opinion essay topics on social issues

  1. The impact of social media on mental health.
  2. Should schools teach comprehensive sex education?
  3. Is universal basic income a viable solution to poverty?
  4. The pros and cons of legalizing recreational drugs.
  5. Should there be stricter gun control laws?
  6. Is cancel culture harmful to free speech?
  7. The role of affirmative action in college admissions.
  8. Should the voting age be lowered to 16?
  9. The ethics of surveillance in the digital age.
  10. Is it ethical to use animals for scientific research?

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  • Environmental Issues

The following are opinion essay topics on environmental issues

  1. The importance of renewable energy sources in combating climate change.
  2. Should single-use plastics be banned?
  3. The impact of deforestation on biodiversity.
  4. Is nuclear energy a sustainable solution?
  5. The role of individual actions in addressing climate change.
  6. Should governments prioritize conservation over economic development?
  7. The ethics of trophy hunting and wildlife conservation.
  8. Is the electric car the future of transportation?
  9. Should there be a global carbon tax?
  10. The responsibility of corporations in environmental protection.
  • Technology and AI

The following are opinion essay topics on technology and artificial intelligent

  1. The potential risks and benefits of artificial intelligence.
  2. Is privacy a casualty of the digital age?
  3. Should there be stricter regulations on social media platforms?
  4. The impact of automation on employment.
  5. Is cryptocurrency a revolution in finance or a bubble?
  6. The role of technology in education.
  7. Should autonomous vehicles be allowed on the roads?
  8. Is technology making us more or less connected?
  9. The ethics of gene editing and designer babies.
  10. Should governments have the ability to access encrypted data?
  • Health and Wellness

The following are opinion essay topics on health and wellness

  1.  The benefits and drawbacks of a vegetarian or vegan diet.
  2. Should healthcare be a universal right?
  3. The role of exercise in maintaining mental health.
  4. Is alternative medicine a valid approach to healthcare?
  5. The impact of fast food on public health.
  6. Should vaccinations be mandatory?
  7. The ethics of organ transplantation and donation.
  8. Is the pharmaceutical industry doing more harm than good?
  9. Should there be a cap on the price of prescription drugs?
  10. The effects of stress on physical and mental health.
  • Education

The following are opinion essay topics on education

  1. The effectiveness of standardized testing in assessing student knowledge.
  2. Should teachers be armed in schools for security reasons?
  3. The importance of arts and music education in schools.
  4. Is homeschooling a better option than traditional schooling?
  5. The role of technology in modern education.
  6. Should college athletes be paid?
  7. The benefits of a liberal arts education.
  8. Is online learning as effective as in-person learning?
  9. The role of critical thinking in education.
  10. Should schools teach financial literacy?
  • Politics and Government

The following are opinion essay topics on politics and government

  1. The impact of political polarization on democracy.
  2. Should the electoral college be abolished?
  3. The role of government in regulating the economy.
  4. Is campaign finance reform necessary?
  5. The pros and cons of term limits for elected officials.
  6. Should there be stricter immigration policies?
  7. The ethics of government surveillance in the name of national security.
  8. Is direct democracy a better form of governance?
  9. Should there be limits on political campaign spending?
  10. The role of third parties in the political system.
  • Economics

The following are opinion essay topics on economics

  1. The impact of income inequality on society.
  2. Should there be a minimum wage increase?
  3. The pros and cons of globalization.
  4. Is capitalism the best economic system?
  5. The ethics of corporate bailouts during economic crises.
  6. Should there be a wealth tax?
  7. The role of small businesses in the economy.
  8. Is a cashless society a good idea?
  9. The benefits of a four-day workweek.
  10. The impact of automation on the job market.
  • Culture and Entertainment

The following are opinion essay topics on culture and entertainment

  1. The influence of celebrity culture on society.
  2. Should violent video games be banned?
  3. The importance of diversity in the entertainment industry.
  4. Is reality TV harmful or entertaining?
  5. The role of art in challenging societal norms.
  6. Should offensive or controversial art be censored?
  7. The impact of streaming services on traditional media.
  8. Is binge-watching a healthy or unhealthy habit?
  9. The ethics of cultural appropriation in fashion and art.
  10. Should there be stricter regulations on the content of music lyrics and videos?
  • Ethics and Morality

The following are opinion essay topics on ethics and morality

  1. The ethics of assisted suicide and euthanasia.
  2. Is lying ever justified?
  3. The morality of capital punishment.
  4. Should there be limits on free speech to prevent hate speech?
  5. The ethics of animal testing in medical research.
  6. Is it morally acceptable to clone humans?
  7. The role of religion in shaping moral values.
  8. Should there be limits on reproductive technologies?
  9. The ethics of surveillance in the workplace.
  10. Is it ethical to eat meat?
  • Family and Relationships

  1. The impact of divorce on children.
  2. Should there be legal recognition of polyamorous relationships?
  3. The role of gender roles in modern relationships.
  4. Is marriage still relevant in today’s society?
  5. The ethics of arranged marriages.
  6. Should there be mandatory parenting classes?
  7. The impact of technology on family dynamics.
  8. Is it ethical to have children in an overpopulated world?
  9. The benefits of shared parenting responsibilities.
  10. Should there be a legal age for marriage?

These topics should provide a good starting point for your opinion essays across various subjects. Remember to thoroughly research and consider different perspectives before forming your own opinion on the topic.


In the world of opinion essays, finding the right topic is half the battle. With our list of the “Top 100 Opinion essay topics,” we’ve provided a diverse array of subjects to inspire your writing journey. Whether you’re passionate about politics, ethics, technology, or social issues, these topics offer a rich tapestry of ideas to explore and discuss. Remember, an opinion essay is your chance to voice your perspective and influence others’ viewpoints. So, dive into these topics, express your thoughts eloquently, and make a meaningful impact with your words. Happy writing!


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