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It is a  company based in California, America, and was founded in the year 2003. It was named after Nikola Tesla who was an electric engineer and a scientist. Tesla’s products include electric vehicles and clean energy. These products are sold all over the world through the internet and a network of Tesla stores and galleries. This has accelerated the adoption of electric vehicles all over the world. We will discuss more on Tesla swot analysis.

Model X sport utility vehicle and Model S sedan are the two main fully electric vehicles in Tesla . At Elite Academic Brokers, we can help you get more insight into Tesla and critically analyze the company.

Our team of experts can help you out with any query and any research on Tesla and other topics. For now, we are going to look at the (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) SWOT in Tesla.

Tesla SWOT analysis 2023

Tesla SWOT Analysis

Tesla’s Strengths

The strengths and the points given below ensure Tesla’s efficiency, profitability, expansion, popularity in the market compared to their competitors.

These strengths include the following:

Innovation and Quality 

Tesla’s quality and innovation rate are very high considering the current two models which are fully electric and attractive styling.

These features are distinct from other automotive companies. Tesla focuses on the quality of its models improving and updating them with technological advances.

Production of quality products, innovation in Tesla has ensured increased profitability and competitiveness in the market hence financial gains in Tesla. 

Strong brand image

Technological innovations have ensured strong brand since most customers are satisfied with Tesla’s products hence greater trust.

Tesla has become one of the most recognized brands by turning innovative ideas into reality. The strong brand image has also been influenced by the personal brand of its CEO, Elon Musk who has a great influence on most people. A strong brand image leads to high sales for Tesla.


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Strong control over its production and manufacturing processes

Tesla being the leading automotive company can manufacture most parts that are used in the production of their vehicles hence reducing their reliance on other manufacturing companies and become less vulnerable. Tesla has also invested in the manufacturing facilities hence an important aspect in their company.

Tesla dominates the US electric vehicle sales

This is seen where two of Tesla’s models are in the top three of the sales. Model 3 is in the first position of the most electric cars sold and Model S comes in the third position. The increased car sales of Tesla increase its profitability hence a financial gain.

Tesla’s Weaknesses

Limited presence.

The market of Tesla outside the US market is limited. Since Tesla is not able to produce vehicles at the desired pace. Its portfolio is limited as compared to other automobile companies. Due to the limited supply chain which hinders the growth of profit in other regions by Tesla.
The US and China are the leading markets for Tesla’s products. Hence to increase customer base and market share faster, Tesla needs to focus on these markets.

This is by establishing the service stations and supercharger network in these regions.
High operational costs Tesla’s main focus is on innovation and quality in their products.

To achieve this a lot of money is used in research and development and also in other costs involved. The cost of revenue has grown over the years hence increasing the total operating costs.
Manufacturing complications This is brought about by the high standard of innovation set by Tesla hence facing increased risks in production and mechanical complications. This is a major problem as it delays the launching of their vehicles.

Tesla’s Opportunities

Market diversification

Tesla venture into new products like battery production will help the company avoid an economic downturn hence increasing its manufacturing rate of the vehicles and reducing the cost of production. This will lead to increased sales in Tesla in both the batteries and electric vehicles.

Sales expansion in the untapped market

Tesla presence in most of the regions in the world is limited. The market for automotive in most of these regions is unsaturated and not satisfied. Tesla tapping into these ready markets with its ready products could lead to market expansion hence increased financial gains.

Introduction of pick-up truck Pick-up truck accounts for more than 15 percent of the US automotive market according to the National Automobile Dealer Association. This is a great opportunity for electric vehicle growth and hence a huge opportunity for Tesla to venture into this with its innovative and quality vehicles.

Tesla’s Threats

Increasing Competitors

There is intense and aggressive competition in the automotive industry as some companies like Volkswagen are now producing electric vehicles and also the competition from fuel-dependent vehicles is still increasing.

Most of these companies have focused on their marketing and heavily invested in research and development hence a major threat to Tesla which has to improve its marketing strategy.

Regulatory threats There are strict regulations by the government in the automotive industry hence high compliance costs by most automotive companies. This affects Tesla’s expansion plans hence hindering the overall profitability growth.

Customer adaptation and adoption

Tesla’s production and sustainability in the market for electric vehicles highly depends on the customers’ willingness and ready for change.

If the customers do not adopt and adapt to electric vehicles, it will be a major challenge for Tesla.

Disruption of supply due to shortage of materials. Materials used in the manufacturing change with time and this poses a major threat.

The increasing prices of these materials are a cause of concern in Tesla. Since it can delay or hinder the production of vehicles hence decreased financial gains.

High-risk factor due to usage of Lithium-ion. The use of lithium on the battery pack in Tesla has caused damages since lithium is highly reactive and has caused fires to the cars. This being known to the public has affected the reputation of Tesla.


Given above are among the few points of Tesla  SWOT analysis. There so many other factors and Elite Academic Brokers can help in their discussion. We see that there are strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in Tesla.

If Tesla focus and maximizes both the opportunities and strengths. Try to work on the weaknesses and threats, there will be increased growth in most aspects of Tesla.

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