Privacy Policy

What is a privacy policy

This is a legal document or a statement written down that illustrate how company or website can collect data from client or student. How the website will handle the data collected and how it is to be processed.Most of all important thing is to ensure that the data taken from client or student will be kept very confidential.This do prevent clients data to be sold to third party.

We will interact with your data through following ways.

Through the above means of communication we may access your personal information.This can be email, phone number etc.

When you need services from our website you will be asked to provide some personal details.

Why privacy policy

Before you order any paper from our website.You must register with your correct details like email ,names ,phone number and also when you make payment we will acquire your payment details.We follow guideline provided to safeguard your personal information.Since the information that you give a very personal.According to laws of European ,America etc.There are document and guideline that we follow.

Once you register to our website we do not have any right to use or sell any data given to the site.Most of our clients are student.We keep the personal details very confidential.

Based on our website we encounter a lot of many students and people.In order to order any paper from our website we require you to register to our website you give your email and phone number and your name.

We ensure our system is much secure to avoid hackers stealing clients information.We treat client details with much care to ensure that there is confidentiality and privacy.

How we use your personal information

Information that we take from our client are only essential to us to enable fulfill your best services and product to you.

We provide the best quality of the product or services that you requested from us.Based your requirement expectation.

The product or service that we provide to our client are the assignment help,exam help,ghost writing ,book writing etc.

In-case you have anything about  data privacy and confidentially please feel free to contact us.We will discuss on the way forward.

General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR

We deal with giving services to all over the world.The GDPR apply to client from Europe.We have a lot of clients from European Economic Area.This control how personal data is controlled such as  bank details, medical information, computer IP address, names,student Id.This are kept very private in our website.


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