Database Systems


database systems

This is a database systems help questions

1. List the ACID properties. Explain the usefulness of each.
2. Consider the following two transactions:
T13: read(A);
if A = 1 then B := B – 1;
T14: read(B);
if B = 1 then A := A – 1;
Let the consistency requirement be A = 1 or B = 1, with A = 1 and B = 1 as the initial values.
a. Show that every serial execution involving these two transactions preserves the consistency of the database system altogether.
b. Show a concurrent execution of T13 and T14 that produces a nonserializable schedule in particular.
c. Is there a concurrent execution of T13 and T14 that produces a serializable schedule?
3. What are the difference between shared lock and exclusive lock.
4. Describe the phenomenon of cascading rollback. How can cascading rollback be avoid in a cascadeless schedule?

5. What is the two-phase locking protocol? Elaborate strict two-phase locking protocol? What is the rigorous two-phase locking protocol? Give the benefit strict two-phase locking protocol provide? What benefit does rigorous two-phase locking protocol provide.

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The above sample questions are for database systems.

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