What is the difference between leadership and management?

What are the five major differences between the leadership and the management? Is leadership really different from management? If so, then how? Well, if you too have such concerns in your head, then it is a time to go through this informative piece that will help you to understand What is the difference between leadership and management!

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s delve inside the following segments one after another.

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Leadership VS. Management: What’s The Difference?

Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.

– Peter Drucker

This quote of Peter Drucker appropriately describes the major difference of leadership and management which is management of the task.

Moreover, at this certain time, let’s shed some light on the different subjects that differentiate leadership from the management.

Well according to Forbes and Pepperdine Online, there are important differences that determine the leaders apart from the managers. Want to know more about them? If so, then stay tuned with the segment till the end.

Well, these are some of the crucial differences between the leadership and the management.

  1. The leaders produce the vision whereas the managers create the goals.
  2. Leaders are quirky, but the managers are said to be a copy of them.
  3. Furthermore, the leaders are in it for the extended haul whereas the managers consider it for the short term.

Hence, according to the Gillings School of Global Public Health, the following table efficiently describes different factors of differentiation.

Therefore, let’s delve inside to know more.

Leadership VS. Management: What’s The Difference?
Subject  Leader  Manager 
Essence  Change  Stability 
Focus  Leading people  Managing work
Have horizon  Followers  Subordinates 
Long term Short term 
Seeks  Vision  Objectives 
Approach  Sets direction Plans detail
Decision  Facilitates  Makes 
Power  Personal charisma  Formal authority 
Appeal to  Heart  Head 
Energy  Passion  Controls 
Culture  Shapes  Enacts 
Dynamic  Proactive  Reactive 
Persuasion  Sell  Tell 
Style  Transformational  Transactional 
Exchange  Excitement for work Money for work 
Likes  Striving  Actions 
Wants  Achievement  Results 
Risk  Takes  Minimizes 
Rules  Breaks  Makes 
Conflict  Uses  Avoids 
Direction  New roads Existing roads
Truth  Seeks Establishes 
Concern  What is right  Being right 
Credit  Gives  Takes 
Blame  Takes  Blame 

Let’s Recapitulate

Moreover, the are more differentiating factors for leaders and managers which are as follows:

  1. The leaders build the relationship. At the same time, the managers construct the system and the processes.
  2. In addition, the leader creates the followers whereas the managers carry the employees.
  3. The leaders are change agents, but the managers hold back the status parameters.
  4. Moreover, the leaders take the risk and at the same time the managers manipulate the risk.
  5. Most importantly, the leaders grow personally, whereas the managers rely on the existing proven skills.
  6. The leader is said to be the coach whereas the manager directs.

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