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Economics is a very interesting field of study. Most students prefer studying economics since it gives economic solutions in personal life, community, an individual country, and internationally.

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Economics assignment help
Overview of economics

Economics is a social science that involves the production, consumption, and distribution of goods and services. It studies how scarce resources are distributed in the economy.

Scarcity is one of the main concepts studied in economics which means that goods that are limited in supply have to be distributed equally. The relationship between people, markets, and the government is studied and analyzed in this field.

To understand the economic systems well, various subjects like law, sociology, geography have to be incorporated. Economics helps in decision making and there various principles involved in this which are maximum and minimum.
• Maximum principle. This states that with a specified amount of input, maximum output is attained
• Minimum principle. It states that a certain amount of output is attained when minimum input is utilized.
There are three main types of economies which include free market, mixed markets, and command markets.

The free market shows that producers’ and consumers’ preferences determine and decide all the factors of production. Mixed markets combine different types of markets or economic systems were a part of this market is controlled or intervened by the government and the other part of the market is left to free market.

Command markets show that the government controls all the factors of production.
The two main areas of study in economics include microeconomics and macroeconomics.
• Microeconomics. It is the study of individuals and firms and their decision-making regarding the scarce resources allocation and the prices they trade-in. In Elite academic brokers, we help you get the microeconomics homework done at a cheap price.
• Macroeconomics: Examines the economy in terms of regional, national, and international basis studying the decision-making of the economy as a whole by looking at the structure, behavior, and performance.
When studying economics, these are the main branches studied to understand this field clearly. Under these two branches, there are various topics that students have to learn and understand where some are broad but very interesting. We can assist you with any of the topics listed below for your economic assignment. Microeconomics assignment topics covered in the colleges and universities include the following:
• Basic economic concepts
• Supply, demand, and market equilibrium
• Elasticity
• Consumer and producer surplus, market interventions, and international trade
• Consumer theory
• Production decision and economic profit
• Forms of competition
• Factor markets
• Market failure and the role of government
Looking at the other branch, macroeconomics assignment topics covered include the following:
• Economic indicators and the business cycle
• National income and price determination
• Financial sector
• Long-run consequences of stabilization policies
• Open economy: International trade and finance
• Keynesian approaches and IS-LM
• Contemporary macroeconomic issues
All of the above topics are crucial in the field of economics and have various subtopics to be covered for each. Students learn and understand these topics but find it hard to remember all these concepts.

Economics assignment help




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