Difference between the argumentative essay and persuasive essay

You cannot disagree with me for my statement that most students are unable to find the difference between argumentative essays and persuasive essays. It will be unfair to blame the students entirely for these common essay mistakes. Both these types of essays have so much in common that they can confuse a seasoned professional too.

We know it is not easy to differentiate between them without knowing some key points. We will help you to identify the key differences between writing argumentative and persuasive essays. But before we do that, it is better to understand both these types of essay formats.

What is an argumentative essay?

argumentative writing

Argumentative essays include supporting an idea with proven evidence and logical reasoning. For example, writing deductive reasoning essays is also a type of argumentative writing. If you undertake such an assignment, it is necessary to conduct in-depth research to find the facts, figures, and evidence that support your viewpoint. The most frequent question that hit your mind is what should be added to this paragraph to make the writer’s argument more effective? Discrediting the opposing views to the opinion should be supported by concrete evidence.

What is a persuasive essay?


Persuasive essays do not require relevant evidence. Writers have the liberty to use their ideas, opinions, and emotional skills to convince the readers. The content and structure of the persuasive essays depend entirely on the mindset of your audience. You cannot write the same paper for students . The ability of the writer to use the experience, sentiments, and facts plays a vital role in overall quality and swaying the mind of the audience.

Differences between argumentative and persuasive essay

  • Purpose of the essay -The purpose of writing the argumentative essay is to convince the readers of the idea or argument by the author with proven facts, figures, and evidence. On the other hand, persuasive essays do not include the need for any evidential support. The writer uses his emotions and opinion to persuade the readers with the opinion of the author. For example, an essay on communication skills does not require evidential support. You can write effective communication essays without a need for facts or figures.
  • Writer’s tone – While writing a persuasive essay, the tone of the writing can be informal or friendly. It is because the writer needs to convince the readers through emotional and personal opinions. On the other hand, while writing an argumentative essay, you need to keep your tone formal and to the point. Keep the essay logical and factual to convince the mind of the readers.
  • Type of research -You need to carry out intensive research before writing an argumentative essay because you need to defend the arguments with substantial evidence. You have to check resources, past research, publications, books, and many more. Whereas, while writing a persuasive essay like an essay vs a research paper, you do not need to provide a Citation to justify your personal opinions.
  • Target Audience for the essay – It is vital to know about your target audience while writing persuasive essays. Different kind of audience requires varied persuasive skills. By familiarizing themselves with the audience, the writer can adjust his arguments and opinions to match the intellectual level and understanding of the readers. On the other hand, it is not vital to know the audience while writing argumentative essays. Such essays justify themselves with substantial evidence and facts relevant to any audience.


The most suitable examples of persuasive writing essays are reflection essays for English 101.

We hope that now you have enough clarity about the difference between both these types of essays. Writing argumentative essays needs significant expertise and dedication.

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