computer science interview questions

The following are computer science interview questions that you can encounter when you are invited for a job interview. Our client will need to go for job interviews. After completion of IT /computer science course. We have provided some tips for that.

Computer Science Interview Questions

1. What types of projects have you worked on? (Clear and specific examples with elaboration)
2. Can you walk me through a specific project you worked on? What was your role? Who were the stakeholders? What problem were you solving? What was the outcome?
3. Work from home has become the new normal in the post-COVID-19-world. How well are you prepared to manage a remote team? How would you provide training if needed remotely?
4. Tell us about the most challenging projects you have managed so far? What were the steps you have taken to tackle the challenges?
5. What are the techniques you use to define the scope of a project?
6. Describe the team forming process you follow in project management.
7. Tell me about a team member that you helped grow in his role. How did you help him/her? (specific example)
8. What are the three key challenges for our industry today (IT industry), and how do you think these can be tackled effectively?
9. What are some examples of times you’ve accommodated additional requests from customers/stakeholders even when that might have been difficult?
10. What are some best practices you’ve used to develop excellent customer relationships?

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Additional Interview Questions

11. Give a few examples of proactive decision-making in your past projects and your life in general.
12. What experience do you have with process development? Tell me about a process or processes you’ve developed or helped develop. (specific examples)
13. How do you motivate people to stay on track and meet their deadline?
14. What would you say is the most difficult/challenging aspect of Project Management?
15. Tell me about a time you had to learn to use a new software or tool. How did you go about it? (specific example)
16. How do you ensure your projects are delivered on time and within budget?
17. How do you handle missed deadlines?
18. Tell me about a time you had to escalate the situation to upper management? (specific example)
19. Tell me about your most successful project. (specific example)
20. Tell me about a time you experienced failure in your project management role. Tell me about a project
21. How do you manage multiple projects at the same time? What are your techniques?
22. How do you prioritize your workload?
23. How do you manage risks in a project?
24. How do you deal with changes in a project?
25. Tell me how you manage a project from start to finish (Step by step)

Above are interview questions asked in computer science job interviews.

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