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CIPS stands for Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply. It is among the largest professional body in the world and revolves around procurement and supply chain management areas of study.There are different modes of CIPS which include a certificate, advanced certificate, diploma, advanced diploma, and professional diploma. All these modes have different topics and units that students have to learn and understand.

Most people take this profession for different reasons and a career goal is the main one. There different job opportunities for this area of study in the market of Dubai and proper qualifications, skills, and experience are required for this kind of job. Students have to score remarkable grades in all disciplines in these fields to secure a top job and also for their career. It is for this reason that assignments are mandatory in the academic process of every course. The CIPS assignments test the understanding and familiarity of the students with the various concepts. These assignments are not a walk in the park to most students. Most of these assignments are tough and complex to handle to students who may end up scoring poor grades.

Are you undertaking a CIPS course in Dubai and struggling with CIPS assignments?

A large number of students fail to finish these CIPS assignments in Dubai for a couple of reasons. Failing to finish CIPS assignments in Dubai will end up in a bad situation and eventually scoring poor grades, jeopardizes the student’s career in CIPS. The main reason that students fail to finish these CIPS assignments is a lack of enough time. Time is of the essence when it comes to deadlines given for CIPS assignments.

Students lack ample to do their assignments due to the back-to-back assignments, workload from classwork, part-time jobs by students paying their tuition fee, and other campus expenses. Other reasons for poor quality work include unfamiliar with most concepts in CIPS, poor writing skills, lack of enough resources to do proper research, lack of proper understanding of guidelines for the universities and colleges, and others. Students eventually seek CIPS assignment help from professionals to ensure they get top-notch grades.

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What Is CIPS And What Does It Entail?

CIPS is a chartered institute for procurement and supplies targeting disciplines in the field of procurement and supply chain management and management. CIPS is a non-profit organization with the highest number of members in the profession of procurement and supply. This particular field of study is beneficial to students and by attaining top-notch grades, students will be prepared for careers such as consultant, lecturer, supply chain manager, and others. The following are the benefits of studying these courses to students:

  • Ability to present and discuss theoretical concepts in management
  • Information and insight into the structure, organization, and administration of various businesses.
  • Acquisition of analytical and numerical skills used for decision-making in-store management, purchasing, and supply.
  • Detailed knowledge of different functions such as purchasing, storage, and supply.
  • Helps in the understanding of various business environments such as the economical, fiscal, and legal environments.

The different units studied in CIPS are all very important and key in amassing the various skills required in this field. Students take various exams to have a regular CIPS qualification or any other qualification in this field such as CIPS- accredited degree. All these are equally important and becoming a CIPS member in Dubai is key on top of these qualifications. To become a CIPS member, one has to build work experience for at least three years after finishing the program and passing all the assignments and exams given. This membership is very important in the job market. Therefore, passing these CIPS assignments is very crucial to students.

Elite Academic CIPS Experts writers help student in Dubai, UAE following levels

In Dubai and the modern world, the company is upgrading and they are changing the way organizations used to work earlier. Therefore, with the change in the work environment, there is also demand for a change of the training skills of that person who will be working in those organizations. Therefore, many universities in Dubai and colleges have adopted a new course in supply chain management. There various stages/levels that you have to take in order to attain the professional diploma in CIPS.

These levels are

  • Level 2 Certificate in procurement and supply operations
  • Level 3 Advanced Certificate in procurement and supply management
  • Level 4 Diploma in procurement and supply
  • Level 5 Advanced Diploma in procurement and supply
  • Level 6 Professional Diploma in procurement and supply

When you finish this level, you will ready to become a high skilled person. Having attained the full course in CIPS that means you are a trusted CIPS member. Completing this course is not easy you may need help from us. Elite academic brokers have highly skilled professionals in CIPS. Who has a Ph.D. in Supply chain and has completed the whole CIPS course. This CIPS assignment expert will help you with any CIPS assignment help in Dubai. Kindly please consult more on the CIPS assignment help service we are ready to assist you any time of the day.

Topics Covered In CIPS

There are various research topics covered in this CIPS assignment topics  and these include the following:

  • Game theory
  • Innovation for procurement and supply
  • Operations management
  • Sustainability
  • Supplier/tender evaluation
  • Developing and managing contracts
  • Logistics management
  • Brexit
  • Procurement organization
  • Strategy and policy
  • Market and options assessment

The above are the few topics among the many in CIPS assignment help. At elite academic brokers, we can assist you to tackle any CIPS assignment ensuring professional CIPS assignment is done in a very professional manner.

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Final Thought

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There various questions that we encounter from many students to our professional writers.

Some of these questions are

  • Is studying CIPS certification a good idea?

Yes it is absolutely a good idea.

  • Is CIPS same as CIPD ?

No they are totally different. One is a certification for Human resource and other for supply chain procurement.

  • How long is the course going to take to complete?

It contain 5 levels and each level can take around 12 months

  • How much are you required to attain to pass the course?

The pass mark for these levels is 70 %

  • How many pages is 1000 words essay on CIPS?

It is around 4 pages. Since every page should have 250 words to 300 words.

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