Your redesign project must be communicated to the CEO of a mutable enterprise in the form of a Consultant’s Report.

As discussed in lecture, systems analysis and design is intended to add value to the organization. Given the world situation, our organization cannot survive unless it is a mutable enterprise. That means, we must be concise, precise, and timely. We cannot simply be satisfied with comparative advantage; we must have competitive advantage. You may have a very nice-looking system for budgeting your money but if your system does not somehow support you in your goals, objectives, and decision-making in that system (second-order cybernetics) which includes the timeline, then you do not benefit.
Use the videos of Tom Greever to help you augment your competitive advantage in the presentation/communication of your redesign to your CEO. especially the painted duck
This assignment is about adding value to the organization (Trent University or yourself or your place of work or your particular area of research) through your evolutionary redesign (Stewart Brand).
1. Identify the problem (describing the issues and, by doing so, creating a local and ad hoc boundary.)
2. Apply your design thinking (where Mary’s Seven Steps may help).
3. Identify the value-add redesign after you apply your design thinking with an evolutionary design for all stakeholders.
4. Include diagramming/sketches/graphics of the before and after. These can be in rough format. Your diagrams should reflect flow and the benefit of the changes you have designed in order for the system to evolve. Further, these diagrams can be easily translated to a Project Charter and/or Dashboard.
5. Include a budget and identify who will complete the work (does not have to be based in reality).
6. Include all links/references/citations which sparked your imagination so that proper attribution is achieved. In his book Measure What Matters, venture capital CEO, John Doerr, advocates for OKR’s (objectives and key results) as his way to get from ideas and chaos through heuristics to the actual algorithm needed to reach the objectives. For Doerr, the objectives provide a direction for action and the key results are how we know we have closed the feedback loop because we can measure those results. If you are unsure that your solution is actually giving you what you hoped it would, apply Doerr’s OKR’s to your redesign.
Submit this redesign project in the form of a Consultant’s Report. It must begin with an Executive Summary. Also as this is in the format of a Consultant’s Report, please submit a separate invoice, billing your client for your redesign. And, as with other assignments, communication is key so please include your self-reflection of the process. Again, while you do not have to have success, you do have to reflect on the process. Please put your self-reflection in a separate document.
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