Your case study should be 5-7 pages, double spaced paper. If you aim for an A grade, do not stick with the bare minimum (just a suggestion). Please use Times New Roman 12 pts font.

Your case study should be 5-7 pages, double spaced paper. If you aim for an A grade, do not stick with the bare minimum (just a suggestion). Please use Times New Roman 12 pts font.
Your research must contain at least five sources of reference excluding the course textbook, other textbooks on criminal justice, encyclopedias, and non-academic websites. Educational and government websites (generally denoted by a .gov or .edu address suffix) are acceptable sources, but the focus of your research should be on scholarly journal articles which can be found through the library’s page. Again, please consult with the instructor if in doubt about your sources. (Hint: one reason for a poor grade is the use of inappropriate sources – do not use .com or .org websites, especially Wikipedia, for an academic paper.)
You must cite all of the sources that you use when writing the paper. A citation is necessary for any information that you paraphrase or directly quote. If you do not have direct personal knowledge of the information that you use in the paper, then a citation is required. Be sure to cite your sources in the body of the paper and list them in a bibliography. Students should use the APA format for citations and bibliographies; guidelines for the format can be found on Blackboard.
The purpose of the research paper is to fully describe and analyze a specific family of theory. Pick one of the theory families that we covered this semester. You must then explore the crime that you chose from your theory family’s perspective. In other words, you need to describe how your theorists would explain crime of your choice. Finally, you will describe the prevention strategies that your theory would suggest we employ to reduce or eliminate crime.
Your paper will be broken down into five distinct sections and should be titled as such with topic headings for each section:
1. Introduction – Briefly present your theory and what you hope to accomplish with this paper. (A good way to start is: “The purpose of this paper is…”
2. Theory – Fully describe how your theory works to explain crime. Who are the major theorists involved? How do their explanations of crime differ? What are the basic principles of your family of theory? How are they different from other families of theory? How long has your family of theory has been around? Do you think it works well to explain crime? What are its weak and strong points? etc… What are some examples of specific theories within your family of theory? etc….
3. Application-The third section of the research paper is the direct application of your theory to actual crime. Make sure to describe your crime, so the reader can understand it. The point here is to explain how your family of theory explains a variety of different crimes. Can it explain all crime or is it limited to just one typography of crimes?
4. Prevention – How does your theory suggest that we prevent crime? What should we do with known criminals? Basically, describe how your theory would put an end to crime if its theorists were put in charge of the criminal justice system.
5. Conclusion – Summarize the key concepts you presented in the paper. Sum it up; restate the most important ideas you presented in your paper.
Here are the crimes that you can choose from:
1. Shannan Maria Gilbert (Gilgo Beach murders).
2. 2017 Las Vegas Shooting (Stephen Paddock).
3. Pittsburgh synagogue shooting in 2018 (Robert Gregory Bowers).
4. James Bulger Murder.
5. Juana Barraza (“Mataviejitas”).
6. Unabomber (Ted Kaczynski).
7. Morris Worm (Robert Tappan Morris).
8. JonBenét Ramsey (killer was not identified).
9. James Joseph “Whitey” Bulger Jr.
10. Andrew Fastow (Enron).

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