You may pick any topic within, or pertaining to, software reuse that interests you

You may pick any topic within, or pertaining to, software reuse that interests you. A good place looking for a topic is assignments 1-3, or you can review the videos I posted to give you some ideas. For example, you could pick one of the questions asked in your assignments and create a 4-5 (5 min max) minute presentation on that topic that overviews and explains it in detail, or you could find another topic. It does have to be a topic that is centered around software resuse.
You will create a presentation using powerpoint. You can create a video that you embed on each slide of you talking through that slide or you could use zoom to capture yourself talking as well as the powerpoint slides you share and using zoom to create a zoom recording session of you presenting. You will submit the video recording or the powepoint with embedded video. Or you may have another method you want to use. You will turn in your presentation using the submit presentation link in the left hand navigation bar. Submit 1 file that contains your presentation. The presentation will be graded on how well you covered the topic as well as presentation attributes such as: Can I see the material ? (not too small or too crowded), did you explain in your own words well or did you just read from notes / slides? , can I hear and understand you? – meaning don’t talk so fast no one can follow it and don’t talk so low no one can hear it , and do enunciate your words. The content you deliver and how it is delivered are both part of the grade.
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