You are a volunteer communications officer for ElderDog, a Canadian volunteer organization that matches volunteer dog walkers with local seniors who need help walking and caring for their pets.

CMNS 1114 – Memo Assignment
Value: 10%
Length: maximum 1 page, single-spaced
You are a volunteer communications officer for ElderDog, a Canadian volunteer organization that matches volunteer dog walkers with local seniors who need help walking and caring for their pets.
Since the beginning of the pandemic, ElderDog Vancouver has received dozens of new applications from dog-walking volunteers. Betty White, the Coordinator of the Vancouver Elderdog branch (or ‘Pawd’), has asked for your help writing an orientation memo for these new volunteers.
Specifically, she would like you to send out a well-organized memo to the new volunteers outlining the procedures they need to follow so that they can start walking dogs as soon as possible.
You and Betty talk over the phone, and Betty tells you to include the following information in your memo to the new volunteers:
For starters, she asks you to thank everyone for agreeing to volunteer with ElderDog.
She also says that when Elderdog received the volunteers’ applications, the volunteers were sent a letter for them to take to the police station for a Criminal Record Check (CRC) to work with vulnerable populations. New volunteers should get this record check done as soon as possible so that they can begin volunteering. The letter from ElderDog with their name on it reduces the fee for this. If volunteers have had a CRC done within the past year for another purpose, they can get a copy of it to ElderDog instead of getting a new one.
After volunteers receive their Criminal Record Check, they can scan it or take a picture with their phone, add a head shot of themselves in front of a blank wall (again they can use their phone) similar to what they would get for their passport or driver’s license. They should send them both to (They can also send paper copies by post, it just adds a bit more time to the process.) It then takes about 2 weeks for an Elderdog ID to be made and mailed to the volunteers.
Volunteers will need this ID to visit a senior, walk a dog or otherwise represent ElderDog. Getting it done sooner rather than later is the best idea because it takes a couple of weeks. When a request for volunteer help comes up in the Vancouver area, it is best to have the ID ready rather than to have to wait before they are able to help.
For more information, new volunteers can look ElderDog up online at or the Vancouver Pawd at They can also find Elderdog on instagram @elderdogvancouver.
Your Task
Write a direct approach memo in response to the scenario above. Make sure that the procedures that new ElderDog volunteers need to follow are clear, well organized, and easy to read. Use headings and lists as needed. Use proper memo formatting and parallel structure for all lists and headings. Address your memo from Betty White, Vancouver ElderDog Pawd Coordinator.
Formatting and Submitting your Assignment
• Please submit your assignment in either Word (.docx) or .pdf format.
• Please single-space, but leave spaces between sections, paragraphs, and headings.
• Upload your completed assignment into the “Memo Assignment” Assignment box.
• Please leave yourself enough time to upload the assignment before the time is up. Assignments that are even one minute late will be marked late. Late penalties are 10% per day.
Important Notes
– Review Chapters 1-4 in your textbook, as well as the sample memos and video lessons posted to Brightspace, to ensure success on this assignment.
– Avoid copying phrases word-for-word from the scenario: some of it is badly written on purpose!
– Be concise, avoid repeating information unnecessarily, and include all relevant information.
– Remember to use the you-view throughout. Consider your tone carefully.
– Any collaboration with classmates or outside help is considered plagiarism, so please focus on doing your own best work.
Use the checklist on the next page to check your work before you submit it. The assignment will be graded according to this criteria.
Memo Checklist
Subject Line Yes No
• summarizes the main idea / purpose of message
• provides quick identification for reading and for filing
• is written in condensed form (not a complete sentence)
Opening Yes No
• uses direct approach – states main idea / purpose in opening paragraph
Body Yes No
• provides information about the reason for writing
• includes all relevant/necessary information
• omits any irrelevant or repeated information
• has a high “skim value” (easy to read and comprehend)
• uses headings and/or listing techniques to organize content
Closing Yes No
• closes with (a) action information, dates or deadlines (b) summary or (c) closing thought
Writing / Formatting Yes No
• matches memo formatting with memo example in Ch. 4
• all lists and headings use proper parallel structure
• avoids wordiness / is concise
• uses audience-oriented / inclusive language
• emphasizes the positive / avoids negative tone and language
• written in a professional but conversational, friendly style
• avoids errors in expression, grammar, and language use
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