XML Authoring Assignment 6

Teacher is very picky, document must have all these things
Sean has a new project for you to work on. In addition to digital games, the Harpe Gaming Store also sells board games. Sean is working on a page describing a few sample board games. He has created an XML document named games.xml that contains the description of two games, as well as scores the store has given the games on a 1 to 10 scale in seven categories. Sean also has an XML document named game_reviews.xml containing reviews written up in other gaming websites and an XML document named reviewers.xml that describes those websites.
Sean wants all of this information collected and displayed using a customized style sheet. He would like the style sheet to calculate the average score given to the selected board game and wants all numeric values and dates to be nicely formatted. Figure 6-46 shows a preview of the completed project.
1. Using your editor, open the gamestxt.xml and gamestxt.xsl .Enter your name and the date in the comment section of each file and save them as games.xml and games.xsl , respectively.
2. Go the games.xml file in your editor. Take some time to review the contents of the file and then link the games.xsl style sheet file to the file. Close the games.xml file, saving your changes.
3. View the contents of the game_reviews.xml and reviewers.xml file in your editor, taking note of the structure and content of each document. Close the files. You do not have to save any changes to these documents.
4. Sean also has created a library of functions you’ll use in this project. Open the hgfunctions.xsl file in your editor and study the contents. The document has two templates. One template matching the releaseDate element is used to convert date values from the mm/dd/yyyy format to the Month Day, Year format. The second template, named imageRow, is used to create a row of inline images. The imageRow template has two parameters: the imgFile parameter specifies the name of the image file, and the imgCount parameter specifies the number of images to be displayed. After studying the les, close the document. You don’t have to save any changes.
5. Go to the games.xsl file in your editor. Directly after the opening tag, use the include element to include the contents of the hgfunctions.xsl style sheet.
6. Directly after the include element, create the following global parameters and variables:
a. The gameID parameter with a default value of ‘bg210’. This parameter will be used to select different board games to display in the web page.
b. The currentGame variable containing the /games/game[@gid=$gameID] node set. This variable will be used to select the game to display in the report.
c. The externalReviews variable containing the /reviews/review[@gid=$gameID] node set from the game_reviews.xml file. ( Hint : Use the document() function.) This variable will be used to access customer reviews for the current game.
d. The externalReviewers variable containing the /reviewers node set from the reviewers.xml file. This variable will be used to access the list of reviewers for the report.
7. Go to the root template and make the following style changes so that the report displays information for the current game selected by the user:
a. Go to the
Royal Games
Board Game
2 – 8


Rule an Ancient City

Towers and Temples is the winner of the 2016 Palmer Medal for
Best New Simulation Board Game. Players adopt role cards of characters
from ancient Greece and Rome in an attempt to manage the administration of
a city. Each role provides a different ability and strategy. However, one
role card belongs to a deadly assassin and players must be constantly
aware of betrayal and double-cross. This card game provides a ton of enjoyment
and can handle up to seven players and expansion packs available for
larger parties.
This is a nicely balanced game, where each player must carefully choose
his or her roles and the strategies can quickly change with the turn of a card.
However the level of randomness is just right and cunning and resourcefulness
can overcome bad luck (if given time.) I do not recommend this game unless
there are at least 4 players; less than that reduces the intrigue and some
of the game appeal.

Bearnes Brothers
Board Game
2 – 6


Decide the Fate of the World

The world is at war. Alliance challenges you and your opponents to
decide the outcome. As one of the world powers battling for supremacy you must
lead your country’s military drive; but you can’t do it alone. You have to form
alliances and then betray your allies before they betray you!
Decide where to strike, when to strike and the intensity of the strike. Will
it be a bombing raid, an offshore missile barrage, or an invasion with land forces
and tanks? Plan your attack, move into enemy territory with your forces and
win the conflict.
The economic destiny of your nation is also at stake. Buy armaments and develop
secret weapons from your country’s economic funds and natural reserves; but be
sure to save something for the future.

Harpe Gaming


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