Written Assignment-Clothes Make the Person

“Please include pictures, two citations in APA Format, and answer the 5 questions.
Photograph (you may download from the Internet) articles of clothing and artifacts to attach with your responses for this written exercise. Examples are tee shirts, sports teams hats, fraternity/sorority paraphernalia, briefcase, backpack, pocketbook, watches, sunglasses, Blackberry, cell phone, pictures of piercings, tattoos, mens suits and women pants and skirted suits, religious clothing, or political paraphernalia.
Discuss accuracy of judgments that people make regarding the image(s) you choose.
Discussion/Explore stereotyping¨ based upon the image(s).
Discuss gender issue.
Discuss cultural differences¨.
Discuss what type of clothing is appropriate in the workplace for managers and subordinates.
Discuss the concept of dress-down Fridays and what one should wear.
Consider each item and discuss who is likely to wear this.
What impression does one get about the person wearing it?
Would culture affect one views of this item?
What about differences in gender?
How appropriate is this for the workplace?
Please support your statements through in-text citations with research from your textbook and a minimum of two outside sources in APA format”
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