Writing your PMA: Advice for WMG’s Postgraduate Students

As a postgraduate level student in WMG you may have some concerns about your ability to write at the high standard required. This short guide is intended to provide general guidance and advice. It is important that if you have any questions you discuss them with your module tutor. Remember, in writing your PMA you need to meet the expectations of the reader and university.
A good PMA generally requires you to answer the question and to include…
1. A title, with your student number, module, lecturers name and any other documentation required by the university
2. A contents page and if appropriate, an abstract.
3. An introduction which acts as a ‘map’ to the rest of the document, describing the aim or purpose of the work and explaining how this aim is achieved. At this point it is usually helpful to paraphrase your conclusion.
4. Evidence of an appropriate level of background reading of relevant texts
5. Evidence of systematic and clear thinking, indicative of good planning and organisation
6. Writing which makes sense, is clearly and carefully presented (proof read and grammar checked)
7. A critical style of writing which compares and contrasts the main theories, concepts and arguments with conclusions that are based in evidence presented.
8. High levels of accurate academic referencing.
9. A logical and well-defined structure with headings and subheadings.
10. Clearly labelled and well-presented diagrams and other graphics that are discussed in the text
11. Adherence to usual academic standards including length and a timely submission
12. A reference section in which every source that is cited in the text is listed.
Where to get help:
1. Talk to your module tutor if you don’t understand the question or are unsure as to exactly what is required.
2. https://moodle.warwick.ac.uk/
Study skills and Research Methods Moodle site – we have a lot of resources on this website with workbooks, links and other helpful tools.
3. https://warwick.ac.uk/services/skills/academicwriting/
The university Academic Writing centre provides workshops and useful tools to help you in all aspects of your work.
4. https://moodle.warwick.ac.uk/course/view.php?id=32063§ion=1
Plagiarwise, the university’s site to help you to reference properly
5. https://warwick.ac.uk/services/wss Wellbeing support services
6. https://warwick.ac.uk/services/library/students/your-library-online/
Numerous online courses provided by the University library to help in academic referencing, writing, avoiding plagiarism and a number of other useful resources.
Answer all three Questions
Each question counts equally to the final mark for the module.
1. Examine a completed project that you know about from reading or experience. Critically evaluate the approaches used for project planning, project management and project control (60%). From your discussion identify three lessons from this project that could be used to improve future project performance (40%). Be sure to explain your reasoning and argument behind these lessons.
2. Based on teaching in the module and wider reading, explain how you would approach the creation of a project team (33%). Compare and contrast the two projects outlined below. Based on Belbin Analysis, what would be the best team configuration for Project A and the best team configuration for Project B? Be sure to explain your reasoning and argument in each of the two cases (67%).
Project A: A project to create a corporate marketing plan for your company’s product range for the next year. Your organisation is currently structured in teams based on 10 different families of products. You have 4 months until you need to present your plan to the board, and your team can consist of up to 6 people.
Project B: A project to design, manufacture and launch a new motorcycle in the Indian market. Your organisation is currently functionally structured and is very focused on maintaining expertise in each functional area. You have 18 months until you need to launch the new product, and your core team will consist of 20 engineers. In addition the core team will need to use 100 engineers and technicians from their functions to deliver the project.
3. Research and discuss the theory of project structuring based on the literature and the teaching during the module (40%). THEN
EITHER Critically evaluate your company’s approach (40%) and make recommendations for standard practice or company improvement (20%)
OR Imagine that you currently run an office of 20 people in the Headquarters building of an insurance company. Your company is expanding and the space that you occupy is needed for the corporate Human Resource Department. You have been asked to move yourself and your team to an alternative office in a satellite building 500m away.
• Create a Work Breakdown Structure for this project and discuss appropriate scope (20%).
• Estimate the durations and manpower required for each activity then produce a Network Diagram and Gantt Chart for the project, with the objectives of keeping your business and your team operating as normally as possible and completing the project in a period of 6 weeks from start to finish (20%).
• Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your plan (20%).
You must support your arguments with reference to text books, module material and wider reading. Please ensure that your answers to the three questions cover substantially different material.
Please do not repeat work that you have used for previous assignments or in your dissertation. If you want to, you can refer to work that you have done in the past but you must reference that work in the same way as any other source of data or ideas.
The word count for each question should be 1,500 words.
DEADLINE: To be submitted via tabula by 7 April 2021, 12 noon UK time.
If assessed work is submitted late, the following penalties will be incurred:
 Penalties for lateness may be applied at the rate of a 5 marks deduction per University working day after the due date, up to a maximum of 10 working days late. After this period the work may be counted as a non-submission.
[NB for students who started their course prior to 1 August 2019, a 3 marks deduction per University working day applies.]
Note – submission after the deadline time on the submission day will count as 1 day late
Complete your assignment from here (heading styles have been set up to assist you in this work) (Delete the instructions before you save and submit your work):
Table of Contents
1 Heading 1 – Suggested that you use this for each Question answered 1
1.1 Heading 2 – suggested that you use this for each sub-heading in each question answered 1
1.1.1 Heading 3 – you may use this heading as appropriate 1
Enter a page break here and between each question
1. Heading 1 – Suggested that you use this for each Question answered
a. Heading 2 – suggested that you use this for each sub-heading in each question answered
i. Heading 3 – you may use this heading as appropriate
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