Writing Report

Writing Report
Topic: Choose any topic from page 2-11.
• Prepare and submit a two-page summary report of your title based on IEEE standard Two-Column format.
• Read the IEEE format and samples before writing your report.
• The report should be easy to read by all students and should contain the necessary information needed to give a through idea of the topic.
• try to use two to three small figures.
• The report should contain:
1. Abstract
2. Introduction Hint:
3. main topic
4. summary/conclusion
5. references at the end
Try to strike a balance between history, present and future of the subject and also addressing the following important issues.
• History of the technology and its evolution
• Mechanism: EM Theory (How does it work?) Some technical stuff: (i.e. frequency, sizes, power consumptions, material, interactions, etc.)
• Engineering Aspects (advantages and disadvantages, practicality, expenses, ease of use, comparison with other technologies, etc.)
• Importance: why it is so important to have such a technology. What would be the world looks like if such technology has not been invented yet.
• Applications and Usages: i.e. in communication, medical, aviation, military, recreational, food, etc.
• The future: of this technology
we need to highlight the EM (Electro Magnetic) and the Nano application parts
Avoid including too much technical detail and also avoid adding too many pictures
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