Writing a review article (4000-5000 words) about an important, relevant topic in your specialty

Research methods assignment for PhD students
Writing a review article (4000-5000 words) about an important, relevant topic in your specialty.
Elements of a review article
1. Title
2. Introduction:
Background and importance of the topic, justification for the review, the aim and objectives of the article.
3. Methods and material:
The methods and material should include information about:
 Data sources.
 Search terms and search strategies.
 Selection criteria of the articles (inclusion/exclusion criteria).
 The number of studies screened and the number of studies included.
4. Main body of the paper:
 The literature review will make the main body of the paper.
 Should have the main headings and subheadings for the subtopics.
 Review the important updated literature about your topic.
 Summarize the contents of these articles.
 Discuss and compare the finding of these articles.
 Frequently link the discussed research findings to the research question stated in the introduction.
 A coherent structuring of the topic is necessary to develop the section structure. Subheadings reflect the organization of the topic and indicate the content of the various sections.
 Cover one idea, aspect or topic per paragraph.
 Avoid referring to only one study per paragraph; consider several studies per paragraph instead.
5. Conclusions
 A good conclusion should illustrate the key connection between your major points and your topics.
 Answer the research question set in the introduction.
 Interpretations of the findings.
 Identification of unresolved questions.
6. Recommendations:
Recommendation for further studies to be done in the area not covered by the reviewed articles.
7. References
 Should be written in Harvard style.
 All sources of information must be cited- avoid plagiarism.
 Reference style should be uniform.
 Formatting should be consistent.
 Cite relevant and current literatures.
 All cited authors in the text should be in the reference list.
 All listed references must have been cited in the text.
There are some general considerations, and as follows:
• The font type is “Times New Roman” and the font size is 12, with no use of italic or bold letters unless indicated.
• The distance between lines should be 1.5 spaces.
• White papers A4 (297 X 210 mm) are used and printing should be on one side of the paper.
• Title of the report, written in bold letters (size 26).
• A project report submitted to the department.
• Name of the student written under the title.
• The date, month and the year of submission of the study to the department.
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