Write Computer programs that use: object-oriented programming concepts – inheritance, polymorphism, GUI programming – event-driven programming, layout managers.

The aim of this project is to achieve the learning outcomes of [d] of this subject as mentioned in the syllabus, your role is to analyse, apply, and design a software application using object oriented programming. You also need to demonstrate your work at the time of submission. This overall assignment mark will contribute 50 % of your final grade.

(You must fill the Assignment Reflection form and submit to Lecturer during presentation.)


Learning Outcome Being Assessed
1.    Write Computer programs that use: object-oriented programming concepts – inheritance, polymorphism, GUI programming – event-driven programming, layout managers.
Submission Deadline
Microsoft Team Submission
Monday, (Week 14) by 4.00p.m.                 
Late submission will be capped to 40% (unless a concrete reason is provided).
Create a submission folder named “Project_yourID”. Put your project folder and documentation report into this submission folder. Zip it and submit this zipped file into the Microsoft Team.
Outline of Problem This assignment stipulates the design of a system by the identification of the classes required and the relationships among them.
Students are required to demonstrate the ability to apply their knowledge on inheritance and polymorphism in their implementation of the solution. Student also need to make use of scala FX to create an GUI Application.
Detail Question Propose a standalone system such as the following
1.         Calculator
2.         Scientific Calculator
3.         Library Management System
4.         Todo List
5.         Any Personal Games
6.         …

The propose system should have least four use cases. For examples: A Library Management System should have at least four following use case:

•           Check In
•           Check Out
•           Search Book
•           View Book

This system should utilize object oriented programming concept in designing and developing.

You should proposed additional classes or trait to achieve elegance design.

You are required to design your own user interface for ease of use.

What you should hand in The following items are to be handed in:
·         A cover page (use the template provided).

·         A documentation report includes the UML diagrams that describe the classes/objects identified from problem domain, and their relationships among these classes/objects used in the program. – in hardcopy

·         A description that show the program is working for all the 4 features.

·         An A4 page to be written by you on the personal reflection that includes:
o   A description of how you applied the above object oriented concepts in your assignment.
o   The problems encountered during this assignment and how you solved these problems.
o   An evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of your submitted work.
·         The project/solution files, including the source code for the Item class, all pre-compiled classes, test driver program and application program. – in softcopy

NOTE: Submitting the assessment means you have agreed that your work is original and comply with the rules and regulations (refer to Academic Impropriety)

Paper Size / Format
Paper size A4 (Use only one side of the paper)

For the personal reflection write-up,

Paragraph format 1.5-line spacing
Font size 12 points
Academic Impropriety Sunway University takes a strong stand on plagiarism. Any students found to have copied work, colluded or presented work that is not their own will be punished under the terms stated in the rules and regulations booklet. Students are permitted to use 3rd party components, however all such code must be well described and credit awarded to the respective owner. Students must also ensure that the majority of source code is their own, and that the core algorithms are their own work. The use of copyright materials is forbidden.
*subject to change anytime without prior notification
The work that you submit must conform to those regulations.
Contributes 50% to the overall final assessment mark.
Refer to ASSESSMENT CRITERIA FOR Project table for further elaboration of marking distribution.

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