Write a research proposal to get a scholarship to study Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) in China

Research preview Idea:
As an active student who had the chance to study in the USA and got involved to work with different international companies in the USA to solve their problems and because of my engagement with my consultant professors In school who helped me to borden my expertise in the field of consulting and helped me to realize what this industry is about and how it works. My consultants professors are some of the most known consultants in the country they’ve been named in top business magazines. I’m very glad that through them I also had the opportunity to work with big companies, solve their problems and meet their executives and CEOs.
Therefore, because of my passion to help companies solve their problems and the ability to always work on different projects and the exposure I had in the last few years I deided to open up my own consulting firm in my home country Oman. I noticed that consulting is a very broad industry in the United States and it is very much needed no matter what the industry is. Companies always needs consultants to solve their problems and to guide them.
Since Oman has a lack of consulting offices, I decided to open my own strategic management consulting firm since the market is in huge need for this and especially with Covid-19 has hit many business and many has failed to maintain their position in the market or were an unable to develop an execution plan. I believe opening a strategic management firm in Oman would help both the companies establish a better foundation which will reflect in a better economy that would later open more opportunities for foreigner companies to invest in the country and create more jobs. Especially with now China is highly investing in the Omani’s market so opening a strategic management firm running by a person who had some exposure and experience in the Chinese market this would open up more investment opportunities from the Chinese sector in the Omani market, in which they would be able to get the consulting advice when needed
1- Abstract
2- Introduction
3- Research Gap
4- Literature Review
5- Research Questions
6- Research Objectives
7- Significance of Study
8- Research Methodology
9- References
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