Evaluation essay (150 pts)

We need at least three (3) criteria by which we will judge the subject X to see if it suffices a “good” Y (category). These criteria will be your supporting reasons and, fleshed out, will become your body ¶s. Here are some possible topics:

instructor/leader school/college film restaurant

vacation place pet (be specific—not a “species”) superhero car/truck

The introductory paragraph should briefly discuss the criteria, such as:

“People have differing views regarding the characteristics of a ____________________. For me, a _______________ should (first criterion). In addition, a ________________ should (second criterion). Perhaps most importantly, a _________________ should (third criterion). According to these criteria, X is a great Y.”

Note: Students may use the example introduction above in their essays.

***We also have the option of arguing that a particular topic does not adequately fit the criteria: “According to these criteria, Mr. X is does make a great leader.”

Each body paragraph, then, will develop a discussion that illustrates solid support for the thesis statement.

Each body paragraph will begin with a topic sentence that announces to the audience which criterion will be the focus of that particular paragraph.

The opposing viewpoint/rebuttal or concession paragraph should point out why other may disagree with your thesis. We can lead in to this paragraph thusly:

To the contrary, some might say . . . . Others would state . . . . Still others could argue

that . . . .

The conclusion should merely summarize the essay.

Certainly, one realizes that X is a good Y. (And then rephrase how X meets the criteria for Y).

Students should not research this topic. Students should know the topic well enough to produce this essay.

Special Requirements:

at least 1200 words NO “you” or “thing” or “stuff” (-10 pts. for each word)

NO comma splices/frags/FS attention grabbing title MLA format