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Problem Scenario
Solent Pets is a charity based in Southampton, UK that is dedicated to helping homeless pets find a new home. They would like to setup a website to share information about their charity and help facilitate the adoption process for pets by potential and existing pet adopting families. They have expressed the following requirements for their website:
Database – The data related to pets should be stored in an SQLite database using a suitable data model. Relevant data should be identified and stored. As a minimum, the data should include the name, type, breed, description and hobbies of a pet as well as the details of any vaccinations the pet has had.
API – A Flask API should be developed to expose functionality related to Pets. The API should support JSON requests and responses and the following routes:
1. Retrieve a listing of pets
GET /api/pets
2. Retrieve detailed data about a pet with a specified id
GET /api/pets/
3. Retrieve a list of vaccinations that a pet with a specified id has had
GET /api/pets//vaccinations
4. Create a new pet using supplied details
POST /api/pets
5. Update the data for a pet with a specified id and using supplied details
PUT /api/pets/
6. Remove a pet with a specified id
DELETE /api/pets/
Views – The website should render suitable views (HTML based web pages) that allow a user to interact with the website and make use of the functionality exposed by the API. These include:
1. Home Page: Display a home page containing information about Solent Pets. A suitable link should be added to allow a user to navigate to the Pets Page.
2. Pets Page: Display a page with a list of all the pets. It should be possible to select an individual pet from the list to view details about the selected pet. Additionally, the page should allow a user to add the details of a new pet or delete an existing pet.
GET /pets
3. Pet Page: Display a page with the details of a pet with the specified id. The page should also include a table detailing the vaccinations that the pet has had. Additionally, the page should allow a user to update the existing details of the pet. GET /pets/
Authentication – Suitable authentication should be added so that only a logged in user can create, edit or delete a pet from the system.
Filtering, Sorting and Pagination – Suitable functionality should be added to support the filtering, sorting and pagination of results.
You have been tasked with creating a website that meets the requirements as detailed above. You should use the technologies taught in this module to implement your solution. These include HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, Python, Flask, Jinja, SQLite and Git.
You should evidence your work throughout your assessment by creating a suitable private Git repository and regularly committing to your repository as you develop your solution. As part of the demonstration for this assessment, you will be asked to show your project’s Git repository.
You should submit a single compressed zip file (with extension .zip) using the assessment submission link provided on the SOL page for the module.
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