Women and Food Chains: The Gendered Politics of Food and Caroline Bagelman’s Unsettling Food Security: The Role of Young People in Indigenous Food System Revitalization.

Assignment Description
This assignment asks you to read, understand, and synthesize two academic articles: Patricia Allen and Carolyn Sachs’ “Women and Food Chains: The Gendered Politics of Food” and Caroline Bagelman’s “Unsettling Food Security: The Role of Young People in Indigenous Food System Revitalization.” Synthesizing requires you to identify and write about meaningful connections among the ideas presented in multiple texts and to combine this information into a single essay that helps the reader understand each source in greater depth. Your synthesis essay will consist of both summary and argument. A breakdown of the essays outline is available in Lesson 5: Synthesis. You will need to provide MLA references for both articles using both in-text citations and a works cited page.
This assignment asks the following of you:
● Write fluently and grammatically in a range of academic forms and genres
● Read actively and closely through annotating, elaborating, reflection and questioning
● Analyze at the first-year level
● Construct well-reasoned arguments employing effective rhetorical strategies in writing
● Explain the significance of global and local cultural issues raised in literary texts
● Document source material using professional styles such as MLA
Assignment instructions:
● Begin with an introduction that introduces the topic, provides some background information, introduces both of the authors and the titles of their articles and ends with your thesis.
● The following two body paragraphs should each begin with a topic sentence that identifies a common theme between the two articles. Describe how each article approaches this theme and include relevant quotations and/or paraphrase – don’t forget an in-text citation!
● In the conclusion you will write about your view on the topic, including an explanation for why this topic is important and questions that you have for further research.
● Use transitions to unify your paper and to connect your ideas.
● The last page of the assignment should be a works cited page that uses MLA formatting to cite both articles.
Assignment 2 Submission Instructions:
Format: MLA Style
● Margins: One inch on all sides
● Spacing: double spaced throughout
Your name (first and last)
Course Code
Instructor’s Name
Date of Submission
Body of the essay goes below the title. Indent the beginning of each paragraph. Essay
should be written in proper paragraphs, 12 point, easy to read font (e.g. Times New Roman,
Arial). Please make sure to double space! Page numbers should go in the top right corner of the
Please save the file as: Lastname_Firstname_ENGL100Assignment3.
Assignment Evaluation:
Student effectively and accurately identifies meaningful and shared themes between the two articles.
Essay demonstrates a strong understand of both texts and their relevant issues.
Conclusion contains the student’s response to the articles, demonstrating a critical engagement with both texts and providing original and relevant commentary and questions on the topic.
Direct quotations and paraphrase are used effectively.
Structure and Organization:
Clear organization and skillful transitions; ideas progress in a logical order.
The essay contains a balanced discussion of both texts.
Body paragraphs are organized with clear and effective topic sentences.
Style and Mechanics:
The writing is easy to read. Grammatical errors do not impede comprehension and sentence structure is correct. Papers should be nearly free of mechanical and typographical errors.
Transitions are used to link key points within and between paragraphs.
MLA formatting is used for in-text citations and a works cited.
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