“Learning Objectives
Students will:
Reflect on and share insights gained from independent research
Investigate a topic relating to middle childhood and/or adolescence
Synthesize research findings into a cohesive paper
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Learning Resources
Note: To access this week required library resources, please click on the link to the Course Readings List, found in the Course Materials section of your Syllabus.
Required Readings
Walden Library http://library.waldenu.edu/
As part of your independent research, review relevant Learning Resources from past weeks and use the Walden Library and other research tools to locate information on your chosen topic.
Walden University Writing Center http://writingcenter.waldenu.edu/
If necessary, visit the Walden University Writing Center for guidelines for and assistance with writing an academic research paper.
Independent Research Paper, Part Two
This week you will complete your work on an independent research paper, which is due by Sunday of Week 6.
Over the past 2 weeks, you have selected a research topic, received Instructor approval for your topic, and begun the process of conducting research and crafting your final research paper. This week, you will complete your research and writing and submit the final 5- to 7-page research paper to your Instructor. If you need assistance with the fundamentals of writing a research paper, visit the Walden University Writing Center, linked to in this week’s Learning Resources.”
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