WK 6 Discussion

Week 6 Discussion

The Case Management Process
As a case manager, you may see positive growth in your clients. When the case management process helps clients through important transformations in their lives, it is especially rewarding for case managers. The close of each case will bring with it different feelings. Case managers should take the time to assess the effect of services, resources, and the termination of the case management process on their clients and themselves.
For this Discussion, reflect on the three virtual clients that you have been assigned for this course. Think about how the case management processes were different with each virtual client. Think about what you have gained as a result of participating in this process.
To Prepare for this Discussion:
Review Chapter 9, Challenges and Visions. Focus on the descriptions of experiences of case managers.
Review the article, Finding a Place in the World: The Experience of Recovery From Severe Mental Illness. Consider the priorities expressed for those transitioning back to life in their communities.
Review the article, Why Do Some Health Centers Provide More Enabling Services Than Others? Consider the many aspects of care and service described.
Consider your reactions to your first encounter with your clients.
Reflect on your current thoughts about your cases, in light of your work over the last few weeks.
With these thoughts in mind:
Post by Day 4 a brief description of your experience of the case management process with your virtual clients. Then explain how the case management process was different for each case. Finally, explain any insights you had or conclusions you drew based upon your experiences with the case management process with your virtual clients. 250 words
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