WK 2 Ass Pages 2- Assignment help

Assignment Instructions
Assignment #2:
Your answer cannot simply be a cited source answering the question. Please be sure to follow APA guidelines for citing and referencing source. Assignments must be proper citation and references.
This assignment is a summative assessment for Course Objective 2.
1. Time division multiple access was used early in cell phone systems to carry how many voice channels on a single frequency derived channel?
2. What code does CDMA use to encode individual cell phone conversations?
3. Which cell phone transmission technology uses spread-spectrum transmission?
4. Which of the following has a complex security system that is based on encryption: PCS, GMS, PSTN, or WAP?
5. Through a web search contrast CDMA with PCS systems. Which major providers offer CDMA, and which PCS?
6. Search for the keyword WAP on http://Scholar.Google.com.
Are there any details on how to hack during a WTLS-to-SSL conversion?
Write your findings in detail here, including proper citation and references.
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