Who can write up an interview?

“This assignment is to be a write up of the interview that you conduct with any educator, counselor, administrator, etc… of your choosing. This individual can be in any realm of education. Phone/digital interviews and in-person interviews are acceptable. Please use proper etiquette when interviewing your educator, and be sure to thank them for their time.
The paper should be 3-4 pages in length of content.
The paper should be written in APA formatting including a TITLE PAGE, SECTION HEADERS, IN TEXT CITATIONS and a REFERENCE PAGE (if you use outside resources). An Abstract or Running Head is not required. Be sure to include who you interviewed, where, and what subject they teach. Please see the following link for how to cite your interviewee https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/11/.
Include an introduction for the interview paper. The introduction should include who you interviewed, what area of education he/she is in, and when the interview took place. To make the introduction more interesting, you can also include a short anecdote, such as something the educator shared with you or your first impressions upon meeting the educator face to face.
Add a paragraph per topic covered during the interview, utilizing section headers, according to APA formatting. Paraphrase the educator’s answers and include your own thoughts. Please make sure your paper is not the questions you asked and the interviewees responses. For example, if you and the educator discussed the education required to fulfill their position, this information should be presented in its own paragraph. Then, briefly discuss how you feel about the amount of education required and if you feel that it’s a path you will be able to handle. Not every question will be represented in your paper – group questions and responses into distinct sections to write about.
Conclude your essay with any final thoughts you have about how the interview went or how it has made you view the profession of teaching any differently. For example, upon learning the amount of education needed and the starting salary, you may have decided that education is not the right field for you. On the other hand, after listening to the educator discuss how rewarding it is to see learners engage, learn, and progress, you might decide that the rewards are worth the sacrifices.”
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