What is your stake on this debate of technology and communication?

People often say change is good. Others may be reluctant to change because they are comfortable with what they know best. This can be applied to technology. Technology changes over time and so does communication; therefore, we must adapt with this change of communication. But others say the form of communication with technology has negatively impacted us.
What is your stake on this debate of technology and communication?
Use examples from our articles to support and confirm your position on this debate.
Identify three areas of technology and communication
Support with convincing examples from our articles, discussion and proper body paragraph organization using the PIE guidelines
Provide proper set-up of introduction (which includes names of authors and articles) and thesis
Provide proper set-up of conclusion and call to action solution
Review the requirements of paper format; this is similar to your R/R#1; for a review, you can also look at the Module “Format and Grading Rubrics” and review the link “Essay Guidelines and Format”
Minimum 3 pages – 4 pages maximum
Underline all POINTS and THESES; if these items are not identified, an automatic 10 point deduction will be applied to essay score.
NOTE: Proper MLA citation will not be evaluated on this essay; instead, students can acknowledge the reporter’s name and 1) briefly summarize what was said in article or 2) briefly provide the quote from article.
Strong Paper:
Structured essay: general introduction with thesis, 3 body paragraphs, and conclusion
Respond and stay focused on the assigned topic
Reflect on HOW and WHY with your evidence as well as analyze how such evidence support your claims–both topic and thesis
Make effective use of evidence that do not fall into lengthy story-telling
Free of grammatical errors; minor grammatical errors are ok but as long as it does not distract from its meaning
Choice #1:
Due, Thursday, March 4th by 12:15pm via TurnItIn of Canvas (similar to R/R#1) AND earn 10 bonus points (but not toward a major assignment); Remember all assignments have a date and time stamp. In order to receive 10 bonus points, essay score must be a passing score based on the rubric–4, 5, 6.
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