What is the difference between Research Paper and Term Paper for college level

We know that for most students, it is difficult to differentiate between the research paper and term paper for college level. We cannot deny that both have similarities, but ignoring the differences is also not wise. Students have to undertake different academic writing projects like APA rhetorical analysis essays, research papers, reaction papers, or journals.
One of the most interesting things about writing a scholarly paper is that most of them have overlapping features like an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. Do not be surprised if you come across students or term paper writers who can’t provide satisfactory differences between different writing projects. Today we will provide the differences between the research papers and term papers so that you can get clarity about the purpose and nature of these academic writing projects.

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Differences between research papers and term papers

  • The motive of the assignment 

Term paper often relates to a specific subject matter. The sole purpose of writing a term paper is to demonstrate the understanding of a specific subject either during or completion of the term. Such assignments help the tutors to evaluate the interpretation and knowledge of the students. On the other hand, the research paper has vague perspectives including, answering theoretical and methodological questions concerning a specific issue.

  • Length and timelines of the assignments 

Writing a research paper is a lengthy and time-consuming process. The length of a research paper can range from ten pages to a few hundred pages. On the other hand, you will hardly find any term paper that exceeds the length of more than ten pages. The timeline for completing the term assignment is shorter than the research paper. The time assigned to complete the research paper may vary from a few weeks to even a year.

  • Level of difficulty


 Writing research papers is difficult than writing term papers. It is not only the length that contributes to this problem. The intensity of research work and brainstorming required for a research paper is high compared to its counterpart. It is one of the most prominent reasons for the need for the best research paper writing services and professional essay writers to accomplish the research paper writing assignments. The term papers include only the subject matters that you are pursuing in the semester so writing them is comparatively easy than the research papers.

  • Usage of citations and references 

If you are about to undertake a research paper writing assignment then, ignoring the importance of citations and references can prove fatal for your research paper. Whether you are writing argumentative, comparative, or interpretive research, providing relevant references and citations is very vital for the effectiveness of your work. On the other hand, term papers do not include Citations to a scale required while writing research assignments. It is to evaluate what students have gained about a specific subject matter during the term or semester.

  • Scope of writing

The scope of the term papers is limited to a particular subject area or semester of an academic course. The sole purpose of assigning such projects is to evaluate the knowledge of the students. Though students can use previous studies for references, in most cases, they are irrelevant. On the other hand, writing research papers includes exploring past research and excessive investigation of related resources. The sole purpose is to demonstrate the problem-solving capabilities of the students. Your research will always remain incomplete and ineffective without relevant supporting arguments, facts, and figures.

  • Following a specific structure  

While following a structure depending on the nature of the research question is essential while writing research assignments, there is no such hard and fast requirement while drafting the term papers. Research papers follow specific structures and guidelines for ease in interpretation and compiling the data whereas, the students are free to choose any relevant format while writing the term papers. Never hesitate to consult top paper writing services if you are doubtful about the structure of the research paper.

 We hope that now you have a better understanding of the differences between both these types of academic writing assignments. Always utilize your writing as an opportunity to communicate in creative ways.

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