what is the difference between poetry and prose

How is poetry different from prose? What is prose poetry and drama? If you are looking for the platform that can help you to revolve the concerts regarding the mentioned concerns, then here you are scrolling the perfect informative piece. Let’s grasp more information on what is the difference between poetry and prose!

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What Are The Differences Between Prose And Poetry?

Well, let’s start with understanding the major differences between the two. For that, stay tuned to the segment till the end. 

So, according to the Poetry Foundation, prose refers to the assemblage or the morality of work whereas poetry is all about the isolation of the feelings. 

Let’s grab a bit more in detail as per the Key Differences with the following information:

Differentiating Factors

Prose Poetry 


Remains unambiguous. Remains communicative or spectacled with the comparisons, rhythm, or rhyme.

Quality or Nature


Exhibits the creative nature.

Aim  Message of the data.


Goal or Purpose  Stipulating the information or expressing a message.

Purpose of pleasing or entertaining the audience.

Along with this, Read Write Think has explained other differences of the poetry as well as the prose. These are as follows:

Differentiating Factors

Prose Poetry 


Comprises everyday writing. Comprises the creative writing especially in the artistic way.


Mentioned in the sentences or the paragraphs.

Mentioned in a line that could be or not the sentences at the same time.

Line Breaks Comprises the line breaks.

Does not contain the line breaks.

Appearance Large block of the words.

Poetry shapes the piece that could vary depending on the length of the line or the purpose of the poet.

What do you think of these differentiating factors? Hence, these factors are important to understand before proceeding with the writing. 


prose and poetry

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