What have you found to be most valuable about your NEWH involvement, both personally and professionally?

What have you found to be most valuable about your NEWH involvement, both personally and professionally?
The PEOPLE are the most valuable part of NEWH. My membership and involvement for me personally has created a network of friendships that have enriched my life and opened doors to grow beyond my professional career. NEWH is about education and networking and I have continued not only my professional growth but my personal growth. The organization promotes sharing knowledge through chapter programs, seminars, key speakers, and attending the Leadership conferences. This organization has not only enhanced my life personally it has deepened my connection to the career avenue I cherish through networking and education.
Why do you recommend people get involved with NEWH?
I recommend that all who are in the hospitality industry get involved with NEWH to continue your personal and professional development. Join your chapter board and volunteer to contribute on committees. The more you support and become involved the greater the rewards. It is an incredible feeling to have a platform that is laser focused on bringing the industry news, trends, and suppling tools that is helping each of us to navigate through one of the darkest times of our world. NEWH kept me informed and provided a lifeline to see my way through the absence of the vein that pumps joy and excitement into our careers and pure love of the Industry. There is an incredible executive team who is committed and dedicated to making this organization work for its members. You will not be disappointed in becoming a member of NEWH.
What is your proudest recent NEWH accomplishment?
My proudest accomplishment with NEWH is to recently have an opportunity to work with the incredible EID Committee. It gives me much pride to be a part of a team tasked with leading the effort to ensure an environment of Equity, Inclusion and Diversity. I am also most proud to continue to be a part of the teams and committees who help shine the light on current issues and to stay focused on providing education by shining the light on our incredible scholarship winners, who bring a fresh perspective with their creativity that this industry feeds on. to the industry through the scholarship programs. Having the opportunity to meet and share with
What are you most looking forward to?
I am most looking forward to a true face to face reunion of Hospitality professionals coming together again to warmly greet one another and express our complete and utter joy to have been blessed with another opportunity to spread hugs and smiles as we collectively continue to build and celebrate the Hospitality Industry
What would people be interested to know about your company?
Distinction Hospitality is young in years, but our Team consists of some of the most experienced talent in the furniture hospitality industry. Stan Sapp who started the company has over 35 years in furniture manufacturing and has developed and maintained a strong supply chain to execute and deliver quality and on time furniture. DH is a close-knit group, and we all are passionate about meeting or exceeding the expectations of our clients. I feel very fortunate to be a part of such a dynamic team of professionals.
Where do you find inspiration, both inside and outside the industry?
Inspiration for me, outside the industry is spending time in a gallery or museum. I love, architecture, nature, and photography.
When you are not working or at and NEWH event, where can we find you?
Before COVID-19 I was not very cable in the kitchen, however being shut in, I have discovered a newfound passion and avenue of creativity. I love watching the cooking shows, seeing recipes on Instagram, and tasting the dishes, well probably tasting a bit too much! I am excited that the Atlanta NEWH Chapter will be putting together a recipe book! I am sure it will be filled with many scrumptious dishes to try.
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