Week 5 Paper – Management and Monitoring Matrix

“As stated in your text, a management planning matrix is a planning tool for school leaders. Your text also addresses Six Steps to stimulate creative thought and to crystallize ideas. Those steps are, according to your text:
Articulate learning target or focus.
Develop indicators.
Formulate status today.
Schedule or calendar.
Keeping these steps in mind, and with your principal-mentor, look at Exhibit 5.3 on pages 111 and 112. Using this Management Matrix Tool and the Management Matrix Steps (page 110) as a guide, list a target your school would like to meet. Your text uses, as an example, the purchase of whiteboards (educational technology). You can carefully read through each of the Six Steps that helps the principal in planning to carry out this target. As you talk together, the following questions may also be helpful:
What is the target area?
What is the GOAL?
What about the Product and the End Point?
Summarize your findings in a one-to-two-page paper. (Please note: You do not need to submit the matrix you used for management and monitoring-only the paper).
Once again, your paper should reflect quality and graduate-level writing. Be sure your paper has a strong introduction and conclusion with no spelling, punctuation or grammatical errors.”
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