week 5 Journal Entry

“Week 5 Journal Entry
From the second e-Activity, prepare a one (1) page journal entry in which you do the following:· Examine one (1) adult learning theory or topic explored within the first five (5) weeks of the course.
· Recount one (1) instance in which one (1) real-life experience enabled you to make meaning of the concepts inherent in your chosen theory / topic.
· Suggest one (1) instructional strategy that would be best suited to fostering students understanding of your chosen theory / topic. Support your response with relevant examples of relevant, successful use of the suggested strategy.
Book Reference
Merriam, S. B., Caffarella, R. S., & Baumgartner, L. M. (2007). Learning in adulthood: A comprehensive guide (3rd ed.). San Francisco, CA: Wiley.
See attachment”
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