WEEK 5 HUM 115Much of the current literature

WEEK 5 HUM 115Much of the current literature about critical thinking stresses creativity and encourages us to live creatively. Are you becoming a creative problem solver? How can you immediately apply the decision making process from Week 4 to both your personal and professional life? 100 WORDS   Chapter 15 (p. 367) says that one of the purposes of critical thinking is using our understanding strategically to produce a mental change in ourselves. (Paul & Elder, (2012). What kind of mental change have you made or will you make as a result of what you have learned in this course? WORDS  When other people are behaving in an egocentric manner, it can trigger our own egocentric reactions. Think of a time when this happened to you. How did you handle it? What might you have done differently to be more effective? (Paul & Elder, 2012).
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