Week 4 discussion post

In week 4 you will prepare for your ethical and cultural inquiry paper. I have created an outline to follow that requires you to specifically reflect on the evolution of the injustice in a comprehensive way. In the Origin of Injustice section, you will be including a background and discussing several causes of your injustice. In the Money Power and Control section you need to find an organization that benefits from maintain policies that contribute to the injustice. In the cultural section you need to focus on one societal norm that prevents changes. You will also need to find a specific bill or law that impacts your population. Finally, in the ethics section you will need to include concrete evidence that the profession of nursing has an obligation to be active patient advocate in protecting your population from the injustice that goes beyond bedside care. In this discussion board I would like you to come up with an outline that includes the specific topic you will discuss for each section.
Origin of Injustice
Background: you injustice (not medical condition or population)
Causes: list out the causes of your injustice will discuss (you should have more than 1)
Money power and control: what organization are you going to focus on and how do they maintain power? (think evil and not the good guys)
Legislation: what current bill will you discuss?
Culture: what social norm will you discuss?
Ethical Obligation: what is concrete evidence you will use to support the claim nurses have an obligation to help your population related to this injustice
Google American nursing association and your injustice to see their position
Look into the code of ethics and use ones that support nurses being an advocate for your population
Look into curriculum or additional training relevant to preventing your injustice (not reacting to it)
Example for the bees
Origin of Injustice: Decline in Bee Populations
Background: history of the decline in bee populations (notice this is not the medical condition)
Cause: Nutritional stress
Cause: Loss of biodiversity
Cause: Intensive farming practices
Money power and control: Big Agribusiness
Consolidation of power
Revolving door
Industry funded research
Legislation: pollinator protection act
Culture: Standard American diet
Ethical Obligation: Profession of Dietetics
Including dietary recommendations that consider the envirmental is recognized by
The AND – professionals in field
The CDR – curriculum for students in dietetics programs
Collective grassroot movement within the profession
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