Week 3 Assignment

“Week 3 Assignment
Blog: Layers of Me: Cultural Identity
Your cultural identity is a central part of who you are. What do you know about yourself? Why do you think and feel the way you do? How will this impact your role as a humanitarian professional? This week, you self-assess your cultural identity to understand what role it will play in your future profession.
To complete your blog Assignment:
Complete the interactive media, Layers of Me: Cultural Identity. Assess your own cultural identity and how it may impact your work as a humanitarian professional.
Create a 2-page blog post in which you respond to the following:
How do you identify your ethnicity and race?
How do people see you in the context of your cultural identity?
How does your family history influence your cultural identity?
How do you see people through the lens of your cultural identity?
Describe a benefit of your culture.
Describe a limitation of your culture.
How do you view fairness?
How has your identity changed throughout your life?
How do your values and ethics influence your cultural identity, and vice versa?
How does your cultural identity impact your role as a humanitarian and social service professional?
Explain how you might feel if one of your identities were ignored and how you might ensure that the cultural identities of the people with whom you will work are respected.
Explain how your identities have evolved or adapted over time.
Explain how your sense of fairness might be influenced by your culture and how that might impact the work you will do as a humanitarian professional.”
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