week 3 assignment 1 page

“As you think about preparing yourself to compete for your dream job whether, within your current job or a future prospective employer, I would like to invite you to sit down and prepare a one-page statement (use double space and 12 font size) to introduce yourself. Pretend that you are sitting in front of a panel of Human Resources team. Start by writing about your education, professional experience, your strengths, one weakness, and your future plans for professional development.
Here are some typical questions interviewers ask:
a) Tell me a little bit about you. (Do not talk about personal information i.e., age, marital status, children, etc.) Make sure to address your educational goals and professional work experience.
Help with this question: bachelors, master in business and working on master in education, and whatever else you add
b) What are some of your strengths? (Make sure to list at least three strengths and be specific) dependable, excellent communication skills, and whatever you add
c) Tell ONE of your weaknesses. For example, you can say “”I am a perfectionist, however, I always complete my work in a timely manner.”” OR “”Although some people may describe me as introverted, I possess strong listening skills.””
As you can see by these responses that you list the weakness but also identify what you are doing to correct it or improve it to help you with both personal and professional growth.
I am a perfectionist so whatever you add
d) Where do you see yourself in five years from today? Typically, the answer should include that you have plans to pursue your college education and you see yourself graduating, as well as you see yourself as a productive team member within the organization for which you are interviewing.
As you can see this question is intended to see if you have plans to invest your time, talent, and effort to contribute to the company’s mission and vision
Finishing college and growing in the company I work for (school administer) add whatever is necessary”
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