Week 2 Summary Paper – School Board Policy

“Obtain a copy of the policy manual of the local school board in the district where you teach (policy manuals are generally available online). Read carefully the section that deals with school-community relations and write a one-page summary of your district’s policy.
I have attached the link – https://boardpolicyonline.com/?b=barnwell_19
along with additional information for clarification if needed:  Additional Information –
Please note that School  Community  Home Relations is located under section/heading K (be sure to include K) and includes all of the following policies located under the following subheadings  KA, KB, KBB, KBE, KC, KCA, KCD, KD, KDB, KDD, KDDA, KE, KEC, KF, KFA, KHC, KHE, KI, KLG, and any subheadings under the subheadings.
If any further clarifications needed, send messages in chat if you are the one accepted to complete the assignment during the bidding process.
Hope I covered everything because I tried.”
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