Week 2 Summary Paper – Evaluating Your School Community

“The authors of the text book in this course have listed several topics – among those topics are: 1) the way decisions are made (as well as the power structure), 2) the expectations of citizens regarding education, 3) the identification of the media and long-term challenges that need attention, 4) identification of individuals and groups or who are friendly or unfriendly toward education, 5) the channels through which public opinion is built in the community, 6) changes that are occurring in patterns of community life, 7) the identification of leaders and those who influence leaders in the community, and 8) a listing of the types of organizations and social agencies in the community to be considered as you/I  gather information about the community in which your/my  school resides.  Compare/contrast your/my own community alongside these topics in a two-page summary paper.
(Please note that you are to use the information about the community listed in the attachments below to complete the assignment. If you have any questions about the assignment after accepting the bid please feel free to notify me via chat. I hope these attachments provide the knowledge you need to complete the assignment and are most helpful in a most beneficial way. )”
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