Watch the video, Integrating Music & Movement with Literacy.

“CHD 204
Chapters 13 & 14
Watch the video, Integrating Music & Movement with Literacy. The link is under the assignment. Write three comments about what you learned from the video.
Read Chapter 13 and answer the following questions:
1.  What is the effect of stress on learning?
2. What is the latest research telling us about neuroscience, brain development and learning in infants?
3.  Define sensorimotor period, reflexes, substages, object permanence, synapses, and hippocampus.
4.  List the first four (4) substages of sensorimotor learning.
5.  Define cooing, neurons, expressive language, receptive language and language acquisition device.
6.  List five (5) facts about babies’ brains from neuroscience.
7. List three (3) key findings from Hart and Risley.
8.  List ten (10) principles of sensorimotor development.
9.  Define midline hand coordination.
10.  Describe materials for visual reaching.
11.  Define palmar grasp. What materials should be provided for a palmar grasp?
12. Define pincer grasp. What materials should be provided for a pincer grasp?
13.  What are loose parts?  Of what value are they to infants?
14. Describe an environment for exploration.
15. List four (4) specific roles for caregivers in nurturing cognitive growth.
16.  List ten (10) ideas for nurturing language development in infants.
17  Define parentese.
18. List five (5) stages in infant’s learning to use books.
19. List six (6) inappropriate practices that hinder cognitive/language development in infants.
Read Chapter 14 and answer the following questions:
1. Describe sugstage 5 of sensorimotor development in toddlers.
2. Define deferred imitation and preoperational period.
3. Describe substage 6 of sensorimotor development in toddlers.
4. Define holophrases and telegraphic speech.
5. List nine (9) abilities according to White that are related to intellectual competence of toddlers.
6.  Define scaffolding.
7.List six (6) characteristics of effective consultants.
8. List and explain six (6) principles for teaching toddlers.
9.  What recommendations did NAEYC and the Fred Rogers Center make concerning technology and interactive media?
10. List five (5) components of effective scaffolding.
11.  Give suggestions for planning curriculum for toddlers.
12.  What should be included in the creative corner for toddler learning?
13. What should be included in the table toy area?
14.  List four (4) suggestions for materials that should be included in sensory tubs.
15.  Give suggestions for the construction area.
16. Give suggestions for the imitating and pretend play area.
17. List five (5) items for inclusion in the book area.
18.  List and explain ten (10) principles for teaching language to toddlers.
19. Define overgeneralization.
20.  List three (3) unsupportive cognitive/language environments for toddlers that should be avoided.
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